The Dos, Don’ts and Must-Haves of Wedding Websites

If you’re considering a wedding website you’re probably overwhelmed by all the options and asking yourself: Are wedding websites more trouble than they’re worth? 

Maybe. Here are a few questions that can help you decide if a wedding website is right for you, and what information to include.

  • Are your guests Web savvy?
  • Will there be information guests need beyond what’s in your invitations?
  • Do you want to be able to provide updates to guests as your plans come together?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might benefit from a wedding website. So how do you make sure it’s complete enough for your guests without going overboard with it?

Think of your wedding website like a wedding cake: You can serve a small but tasteful cake, a multi-tier cake or a full dessert bar with many options!

Below, we’re breaking down when to use each type of wedding website and what each one should include.

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The Small Cake:

Exactly as this option suggests, this basic wedding website is minimal. It highlights the most basic details guests will want to reference.

  • Your Names
  • Your Photo
  • Wedding Date & Location (Ceremony + Reception)
    • Date Including Start and End Times
    • Suggested Attire
    • Transportation Information
    • Lodging Information (incl. code and/or name if you have a room block)
  • Registry Links
  • How to RSVP

Great Options for the Small Cake:

Honeyfund: Every honeyfund page includes all the information listed above with one glowing benefit: It’s focused on your cash-based wedding registry. Since registry info is the #1 reason wedding guests look at a wedding website, you’ll be sure to maximize gifts by using Honeyfund for your Classic wedding website.

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The Multi-Tier Cake:

Sharing your love story and honeymoon plans is helpful and fun for guests as they’re perusing your wedding website.

So this version of the wedding website includes all of the basics above, with the additions of:

  • About Your Story
  • Honeymoon Plans

Great Options for the Multi-Tier Cake:

Honeyfund again! Every honeyfund page includes all the information listed above as well as a full honeymoon destination and description section. Since your Honeyfund page is designed to get wedding guests excited about your trip, you’ll be sure to maximize gifts by using Honeyfund for your wedding website.

Othe options: Joy and Minted each offer user-friendly wedding website options. Their interfaces are the easiest to use if and most flexible you have multiple registries you want to link to. (Many other wedding websites box you into just registry companies they work with.) With either service, you will have the ability to personalize your website. Plus, you will also be able to add personalized copy about your story as well as photos, a password to protect who can see your site, and more. 

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The Full Dessert Bar:  

Just as its name suggests, this type of wedding website includes all of the bells and whistles. A site this detailed will most often be used for destination weddings — or any wedding where a large percentage of guests are traveling from out of town. A wedding website of this caliber truly leaves no stone unturned, including all of the above, plus:

  • Complete Wedding Weekend Timeline 
  • Things to Do 
  • Photos of Your Relationship
  • Wedding Party Names and Photos
  • A Blurb About Each Wedding Party Member
  • Ability to RSVP Online

Great Options for the Full Dessert Bar:

Squarespace and Wix are the most popular for couples that want it all and want to customize it. If you’re a designer or tech type, these are perfect for you. 

Regardless of the option that feels right for your big day, the key with any wedding website is to prep it early and make sure any cash-based registry links are up.  Include a small insert card when you send your wedding and shower invitations to your guests.  You’ll be surprised how soon guests want to celebrate you with gifts!

Carly Totten

Carly Totten is a wedding planner and sometimes florist for couples and a copywriter for creatives primarily serving the wedding industry. She is based outside of Philadelphia, but she travels often, especially to Charleston, South Carolina. Her work has been featured online with Brides, Every Last Detail, The Huffington Post, The Spruce, and more and in print with Philadelphia Weddings Magazine and Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia.

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