Unique Guestbook Ideas: Memorable Ways to Commemorate Your Special Day

Displaying a guestbook at a wedding has been a longstanding tradition and a way to remember all of the guests who attended your big day. But let’s be honest after your wedding day has come and gone, that guestbook is probably going to end up tucked away on a bookshelf or in a box somewhere. As couples start to incorporate more modern decor and less traditional elements into their big day, one thing that is also starting to evolve is the guestbook. If you’re looking for a unique alternative that serves as a more useful practical keepsake, check out some of these fun options.

Video Guestbook

Consider replacing handwritten notes with heartfelt and entertaining video messages in a modern video guestbook from Celebrate.buzz. Guests simply scan a personalized QR code, select from various designs, and record their messages using their smartphones—no downloads or account setups needed. Celebrate.buzz specializes in crafting personalized experiences, from creating shareable galleries to compiling favorite moments into a captivating video montage. Complete with creative embellishments like GIFs, stickers, and text overlays, and finished with movie-style credits featuring the names of all esteemed guests, it ensures a cherished keepsake of your big day, that you’ll watch over and over again.

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Audio Guestbook

Step back in time with an audio guestbook—a vintage-inspired way to cherish memories from your loved ones. Companies like After the Tone and Life on Record provide refurbished landline phones reminiscent of the 60s, 70s, and 80s for capturing heartfelt voicemails from your guests. After your event, simply ship your phone back to After the Tone, where they’ll transform your messages into a beautifully curated audio file, USB, or vinyl record.

LifeOnRecord offers a toll-free virtual number for one year, perfect for remote guests, and optional add-ons like vintage phones and keepsake speakers. Create your memento in four simple steps: record a greeting, receive your vintage phone, invite callers, and organize your recordings for your personalized keepsake.

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Coffee Table Book

You’ve invested in capturing beautiful engagement photos, so why not showcase them in a stunning coffee table book that doubles as a guestbook? MILK Books offers a seamless platform to upload your photos and create a book with lay-flat board pages, premium cover fabrics, and vibrant color printing. Plus, you can add an optional presentation box for an extra touch of elegance. Let your guests leave their well-wishes on the pages, turning your book into a sleek and sentimental piece of home decor.


Make your guestbook truly special by turning it into a photo puzzle! Invite your guests to sign individual puzzle pieces instead of a traditional guestbook. You can use your favorite engagement photo to create a custom puzzle through sites like VistaPrint or Shutterfly. After the wedding, break out the puzzle on game night to remember all of the loved ones who were a part of your celebration. This is a unique and memorable way to commemorate your wedding day that you’ll treasure forever.

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Playing Cards

Instead of traditional signatures in a book, invite your guests to leave their mark by signing individual playing cards. Upload your favorite engagement photo to create a unique deck through services like Shutterfly or even on Amazon.  As guests sign the cards, they contribute to a practical memento that you can pack in your bags for your honeymoon or future trips. 

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