Trends in wedding invitations

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When designing invitations, it’s important to keep in mind that this is the first impression guests will be getting for the wedding. With an invitation suite, guests learn not only about all the necessary information they need to know about the day, but they’ll also learn about the overall look of the day, how formal it will be, and in some instances even more about the couple! 2018 brides are thinking more and more about this, and as a result, we’re seeing some wonderful trends emerge!

Exciting Trends In Wedding Invitations

Personalization of your wedding invitations

The number one trend is personalization. Couples are really valuing the idea of a completely custom invitation, unique designs, and details specific to their relationship. Whether this is a hand-painted watercolor of their venue or a custom monogram couples want their invitations personalized!

Specialty printing

Specialty printing has also become a trend in the invitation design world. 2018 printing techniques brides love include…


Specialty printing - letterpress

Foil Printing

Specialty printing - fpol

Hand Lettering

Specialty printing - hand lettering


Specialty printing - calligraphy


With ideas swirling around Pinterest brides realize the possibilities here are endless! Popular embellishment choices of 2018 are:

Satin Ribbons

Embellishments - satin ribbons

Glitter Belly Bands

Embellishments - glitter belly bands

Wax Seals

Embellishments - wax seals

Envelope Liners

Embellishments - envelope liners

Invitation embellishment trends seem to be getting better and better all the time. 2018 brides love the idea of adding some extra special touches to their invitation suite through embellishments. And we can’t get enough either!

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Bio: Abbie Kinnett Guthier started her wedding design business, OKOTA, in Cincinnati, Ohio offering wedding planning, photography, and invitation design. OKOTA has since grown to offer floral design and dessert design to the wedding design offerings and is still as excited as ever about the beautiful weddings she is a part of every year. When it comes to wedding invitation design she’s passionate about staying on top of ever-evolving trends to make sure her OKOTA brides have the absolute best!


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