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Book a banquet hall for big occasions

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

From birthdays to weddings, to all the family functions before and after, having a suitable venue to host your events is crucial. Of course, there are plenty of venues to choose from, depending on your preferences. Some love the great outdoors or even the lawn of their residence, while others prefer a restaurant or a more closed environment for a private feel. But going ahead with many venues requires additional preparations such as decor, catering, and more. Outdoor venues also add additional uncertainty with the weather, plus extra preparations to set up accommodations and take food outside.

Banquet halls are your best bet. Why? They save you the extra expenses and efforts as they provide all their services under one roof! Banquet halls are also very popular today because not everyone seems to enjoy events out in open or at home.

Here are some of the wonderful advantages of booking a banquet hall for any occasion:

Great banquet hall service

1. Quality Service and Staff

All customers demand good service today. Most people are educated and have higher expectations than ever before. Banquet halls consist of highly-professional individuals that include managers, coordinates, waiters, chefs, and sweepers.

They are highly-trained and have years of experience. And they know how to attend to all their guests. They manage to efficiently run your event. And in case anything goes wrong, they always have a plan B to execute your event as desired without giving you a chance to complain.

2. Reliable In-House Catering

A banquet hall also offers catering services so that you don’t have to spend time on looking for caterers on your own. You can also choose the menu yourself and customize it the way you like it. Usually, banquet halls charge per head according to the chosen menu so you can easily calculate the total amount. They also hire professional cooks and trained waiters so that you can completely rely on their catering services.

Accomodate a crows at a banquet

3. Accommodates a Large Group

A banquet hall has the capacity to host anywhere from 15-1,000 guests or more. Imagine if you wanted to celebrate your child’s first birthday with all your extended family and friends. Would you be able to accommodate all your guests at home? Maybe not. A banquet hall easily accommodates all your guests with ease, without suffocating everyone.  This is especially true with weddings, which typically involve 100 people or more.

Booking a banquet hall will give you and your guests plenty of space to dance and you can decide how loud you want the music. What’s more? Large spaces are easier to decorate in a grand manner. So no matter what the occasion, there’s ample space for everyone to move around.

Impressive decor at banquet thall

4. Impressive Decor

A banquet hall has in-house event designers who decorate the venue as per your preferences and budget. Whether it’s little details like flowers, ribbons, lights, and table linens, they can personalize every detail. Even if it’s a decoration for a specific theme, you can let them know so that they can put their creativity to use.

5. Cleanliness and Maintenance

Imagine your wedding is going on and you see a filthy stain on one of the table cloths. That can happen if you get services from a random vendor. But when it comes to a banquet hall, their cleanliness and maintenance is unquestionable. From dishes to floors, and table cloths to curtains, everything glitters beautifully.

beautiful lighting & backdrop options

6.  Lights and Photography Settings

Good lighting and exceptional photography is what everyone desires today. Banquet halls have a knack for delivering the backdrop and lighting you want for ambiance and great pictures and videos. No matter what your event theme may be, the team behind your magical night makes every moment count.

Most well-known banquet halls team up with experienced photographers that get really creative to take the most breathtaking shots. Let’s not forget the addition of impressive lights which bring a ton of glam and shimmer to any event! This lethal combination can make your event pretty memorable!

7. Cost Effective

Booking a banquet hall is cost-effective. How? Spending separately on venue, decoration, catering, and even coordinators can be expensive while a banquet hall provides all these facilities at an affordable price.

Beautiful decor at a banquet hall

Organizing an event is no big deal when you have a banquet hall that takes care of all major concerns when planning an event. It’s an ideal choice for most events today. Hoteliers have gotten creative, bringing the outdoors to the indoors! So make sure you start looking for the right venue early before you end up compromising on one that doesn’t leave you with a happy camper!  

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Author Bio: Rishi Kamra works with Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace. He has over a decade of experience in the hospitality and event management industry which allows him to create value-driven content for his readers. Travelling and photography are his two passions and in his free time, he enjoys working with the youth of his city by volunteering his time and mentoring young adults.

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Planning a wedding in a short timeframe

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime….

Can you plan your wedding in just four months? While many odds will be against you, it’s definitely possible. The key to getting everything done is to get rid of the stress-inducing extras and focus on important planning tasks instead. Just when you think you’ll never make it, you’ll realize it’s much simpler than it looks.

How You Can Plan Your Wedding In Just Four Months

Which wedding venue is for you?

Decide On The Big Three

First, you need to make up your mind about the big three essentials – the style of your reception, the budget, and the guest list. An intimate beachfront dinner? A dressy rooftop cocktail party? Take this Reception Venue Quiz and find out which style suits you the best. Also, think about how much money you need to spend. In a survey by The Knot that included 13,000 couples married in 2017, it was revealed that an average wedding cost was $33,391, excluding the honeymoon. However, a big budget maker is the guest list. Since you’re working in a short timeframe, there is a possibility a number of guests have already made plans for the month, and your guest list might be somewhat thinner.

Use technology for wedding planning

Use Technology

Excellent wedding sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are a great starting point for finding your wedding team and keeping track of the details. They even have associated mobile apps, so you can always keep your wedding notes with you. Ordering invitations from an online retailer saves you time you’d spend visiting a traditional stationery shop. You can also find online retailers to provide escort cards, menus, thank you notes and all the stationery that you need. Skype and Face Time are great tools for interviewing potential vendors, especially if you don’t live in the area where you’re getting married.

Book the wedding venue

Find And Book The Reception Venue

Since you’re planning on a short timeframe, if you set your sights on a specific date, venue or vendor, chances for success are much greater the further in advance you’re able to book. In other words, you need to be flexible. The popular venues such as country clubs, ballrooms and hotels might already be booked for Saturday night, but Friday or even Sunday afternoon might be available. Also, think outside the typical venue and consider more imaginative sites like suitable craft breweries or vineyards. You can even try a beautiful golf course wedding location, and instantly infuse some Old World charm into your big event.

Select your wedding rings

Shop For Wedding Bands

The problem with planning on short notice is that you may not get the wedding rings you want on time. Order those you like anyway, and find a couple of placeholder rings for the ceremony. A pair of inexpensive silver or gold bands at a local town jeweler’s will do just fine. If you want a break from the planning fever, have some fun trying to find your placeholders at an antique store or a flea market.

Be decisive about what you want

Be Decisive

It’s only too easy to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole! It’s good to have comparisons, but you don’t need to meet with four DJs, three bakers, five photographers, florists, makeup & hair artist, and so on. Limit your search and focus on online user reviews and recommendations, but also their previous work portfolio. Find a vendor you like, connect with them, book and move on. If you have a solid idea what you want your wedding to look like, these decisions will be easier.

Most people plan a wedding a long time ahead, sometimes even years in advance. However, it’s possible to organize the perfect wedding in just a matter of months. And if your date can be flexible, by exploiting any late availability, this short time-handicap may even come with a cost benefit.

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Pull off a beautiful wedding in just 4 months

Bio: Long Reef Golf Club is an 18-hole links-style Golf Course located on the Northern Beaches, Sydney that offer breathtaking views of the Central Coast in the north and Manly in the south. The Golf Course offers a clubhouse that is a beautiful venue for weddings and other events. Whether you want a casual or a fine dining venue, the club can be the perfect setting for your dream wedding. Check our website for details.

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