Spooky Destinations for Couples Seeking a Haunted Honeymoon


When October arrives with its enchanting and eerie charm, couples seeking an extraordinary honeymoon experience can’t resist the allure of destinations that embrace the mysterious. Whether you believe in the supernatural or simply seek a thrilling escape, these are our top picks for a hauntingly unforgettable honeymoon experience. In this blog post, we’ll uncover five honeymoon spots that are tailor-made for couples seeking to celebrate their love in a historically scary destination.

Massachusetts-Salem-HIstoric District

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Known worldwide for the infamous Salem witch trials that unfolded in the late 1600s, Salem’s history is steeped in the supernatural. The town has embraced its eerie past, making it an irresistible destination for paranormal enthusiasts. During your visit, make sure to explore the poignant Witch Trials Memorial, explore the captivating exhibits at the Salem Witch Museum, and gather your courage for a guided ghost tour that will reveal the town’s darkest secrets. For an immersive experience, consider booking a stay in one of Salem’s haunted inns like The Hawthorne Hotel. But beware, if you want to be in Salem around Halloween, be sure to book far in advance!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has earned a reputation as one of the most haunted cities globally, thanks to its rich history of ghosts, ghouls, and spine-tingling legends. Wander through the city’s eerie underground vaults on a guided tour, venture into the grand Edinburgh Castle where ghost sightings are frequently reported, and explore the secrets of Mary King’s Close. For an unforgettable night, why not spend it in one of the city’s haunted hotels, where you might just have a paranormal encounter of your own?

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans is a city that thrives on mystique, extending far beyond its vibrant jazz culture. It’s renowned for its voodoo traditions, haunted mansions, and atmospheric cemeteries. On your honeymoon in the Big Easy, dive into the city’s history with a haunted history tour through the atmospheric French Quarter. Pay your respects to the departed in the historic St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, and take a tour of the enigmatic LaLaurie Mansion. For an authentic ghostly experience, spend the night at the haunted Le Pavillon Hotel.

Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania, known as “Dracula’s Castle”.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, a name synonymous with Dracula and Bram Stoker’s immortal vampire story, is a region rich in Gothic folklore. Don’t miss the chance to explore the medieval Bran Castle, often associated with the legendary Dracula. Immerse yourselves in the landscapes of Transylvania, where charming castles and picturesque landscapes await. Consider staying in one of the region’s enchanting castles for an unforgettable and truly eerie experience.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant capital, is known for its folklore, supernatural legends, and haunted locations. For couples seeking a thrill,  take a ghost tour within the historic Dublin Castle or visit the Kilmainham Gaol, which is believed to be inhabited by restless spirits. To top it off, explore the eerie ambiance of the Hellfire Club and stay in one of Dublin’s historic haunted hotels, like The Shelbourne

Savannah, Georgia, USA at Forsyth Park Fountain.

Savannah, Georgia, USA

Savannah, Georgia, steeped in history, offers a captivating backdrop for a memorable autumn honeymoon. Explore cobblestone streets on lantern-lit tours, uncover tales of restless spirits, and visit the Bonaventure Cemetery. Stay in historic inns like The Kehoe House, and enjoy dinner at the haunted Moon River Brewing Company. Discover the supernatural at the Sorrel-Weed House, find peace in Forsyth Park, and explore voodoo shops, finding a fun souvenir to bring home.


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