Planning for 2021: Is your Wedding Date Safe?

It’s a question on all of our minds: When will this all be over? Is my wedding date safe or will I have to postpone my 2021 wedding?

Well, we finally have some decent advice. Journalist John Detrixhe reports that Economists at Goldman Sachs have come out with a solid prediction of what 2021 will look like based on research into the progress of available vaccines, distribution channels, and demand.  “In the US, high-risk groups will probably start receiving doses of a vaccine by the middle of [December].” That means 50% of the US population will be vaccinated by April.  So what does this all mean for your wedding date? Read on.

Spring 2021 Weddings: Keep them Small

If you’re looking for a full-blown pre-Covid style wedding, Spring may not be your best bet. Vaccination may be a two-step process taking place over a month or two, so don’t expect the effects of a vaccine to be protective just yet. You can still move forward with your medium or small event using CDC and your local guidelines for gatherings. Be sure to learn how to handle the etiquette of wedding guest Covid testing and vaccinations.

Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 Weddings

If all goes according to projections and the US population has reached 50% vaccination rate by April 2021, this is great news for your summer or fall 2021 wedding! By June, the vaccine will be protecting the most vulnerable populations, which means you don’t have to worry about infecting your older relatives at your wedding. Those that aren’t yet vaccinated will need to decide for themselves if they are comfortable participating in your large gathering, so don’t be surprised if you have a bigger than usual “no” group in your RSVPs. A typical decline rate is about 15%, during this time frame expect about 25-30% “nos.” Again you’ll want to be sure you understand the etiquette of wedding guest Covid testing and vaccinations.

Here’s the prediction timeline from Goldman Sachs:

Despite the best predictions from the best economists, everyone planning a wedding right now will want to make sure they have some flexibility built into their contracts and some extra cash on hand to handle the unexpected (we’ve got you covered with the Flexibility Fund, add it to your honeyfund now.) It’s also a good idea to err on the smaller side, and save that extra money for your honeymoon.



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