Registry Advice for Postponed Events

We can already tell that 2021 and 2022 are looking to be record celebration years, with all the postponed weddings and events sliding onto our calendars.  We’ve also seen a huge variety of festivities crop up on social media and wedding blogs — it’s been nothing short of amazing! Whether you’ve delayed your whole wedding or re-envisioned it as a “Wedding-After” Party or an “Anniversary Reception,” the etiquette surrounding gift-giving and registry can seem like completely uncharted territory. Don’t worry—we can help you navigate with our registry advice. Keep reading, and we’ll address some of the common questions couples are asking.

Will guests still want to give gifts?

The short answer is yes! Plenty of guests will likely want to give gifts to celebrate your marriage and support you.

The longer answer has a lot of factors. The traditional custom of gift-giving allows your loved ones to show their love and support in a tangible way. Many people are aching for ways to show love right now, and a wedding—or anniversary—gift is an easy way to do it. Other guests may not be at a place financially where they can give right now, or they may be confused about the etiquette. It’s okay; this is a new situation for everyone.

Our best advice is to make the option to give available with a registry. Let your guests feel empowered to decide what and how to give. Registries provide them with the security of knowing what you would find useful without having to guess or ask awkwardly.

What’s the right way to give guests the option to give?

Instead of assuming guests won’t want to give any gifts—and to save yourself the headache of being asked tons of times—we recommend adding a honeyfund link to your wedding website. Don’t have a wedding website? Luckily, your honeyfund can do the trick!

Some guests, especially older family members, may consider it rude to directly mention the registry in your invite. But you can get around that by printing the web address of your honeyfund or wedding website on an insert and including it with the invitation.  That way they have the info if they want to give a gift.

You can also always use the age-old tactic of “word of mouth.” Let your immediate family and close friends know that it’s okay to spread the word. If you still have a wedding shower coming up, that’s a great avenue for your inner circle to help let your other guests know important details, like how to find your registry.

What about guests who already gave gifts?

Some guests may have already given gifts around your original wedding date, and they may choose to give again or not. Your guests’ decisions will likely depend on their social cultures surrounding weddings. Some communities expect to give a wedding shower gift, plus money for the wedding. Others only plan to give one gift. It’s 100% up to your guests whether they decide to gift a second time. Some people may surprise you!

What should I include on my honeyfund?

Honeymoons are still happening! The travel industry is gearing up for more adventures and excitement than ever, which means you’ll likely be able to get some fantastic deals on great experiences. Even if you aren’t able to take your honeymoon for a while, guests love knowing they’re giving you the gift of unforgettable memories. Plus, traveling together is one of the most fun ways to build up and strengthen your relationship.

If you’ve already planned for your honeymoon because of the non-traditional timeline, you can always choose something else. Consider including gift cards or funds that let friends and family members invest in your future together. Here are some gift card ideas that guests have loved on other couples’ honeyfunds:

  • Helping you build your best home together, courtesy of a home improvement store near you
  • Investing in your love together with romantic date nights at your favorite restaurants
  • Upgrading household items with major brands that make daily life easier and more enjoyable

How do I create a Honeyfund registry for my postponed event?

Honeyfund has all the tools you need to make your registry easy to use—for both you and your guests. We’ll walk you through every step of the process. And you can always find registry advice, support and tips on our blog!

Need more advice?

If you’re seeking more advice about how to deal with your postponed or modified event, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful Honeyfund articles: Gifts for Canceled and Postponed Weddings: What’s the etiquette?, Wedding Guest Etiquette for a Covid-Safe Wedding, Should I cancel my wedding or honeymoon because of Coronavirus? 

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