Wedding Gifts Give Back With Crowdfunding Opportunity to Invest in Honeyfund Alongside Kevin O’Leary

Honeyfund and its Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary have launched a crowdfunded investment opportunity that has already attracted nearly 1,000 investors and $350,000 — and now we’re going to TV! Yep, Honeyfund’s first TV commercials will air from February 22 to 28 on CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg.

Honeyfund’s popular wedding gift registry helps couples starting out to receive the gift of funds for wedding, honeymoon and beyond from their friends and family. Now couples and wedding guests can get something back from giving on Honeyfund by investing in the platform’s growth.

The most common feedback from wedding guests when they find out about Honeyfund is, “What a cool idea! I wish I had that when I got married.” Honeyfund has allowed 6 million gift givers to fund more than $640 million in gifts for more than 1 million couples. With this new crowdfunded investment opportunity, anyone can become an investor in Honeyfund. Offering terms can be found at

“Our mission at Honeyfund is to foster a community of fearless and authentic people in love, who are preparing to commit to and build a lasting marriage together. Honeyfund provides them with financial support, tools, and information to succeed in planning and funding their wedding, taking a fantastic honeymoon, and building a successful marriage,” says co-founder and CEO Sara Margulis. “We are thrilled to invite our members and fans to take part in our next phase of growth, and to grow financially along with us.”

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