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So, you’re getting married. This is such an exciting time! While you’re busy gushing over your future spouse to your friends, planning a perfect beach honeymoon, and sketching out your guest list, you’re also probably starting to pay more attention to the wedding photos you scroll past on social media. While before you always tapped those photos with a quick “like” and moved on with your day, now you’re looking at them a bit more intensely. Instead of admiring the photos, you’re wondering how you too can get such perfect pictures of your big day. Here’s the thing — you don’t have to be a model to take breathtaking wedding photos. Yep, it’s true! Let’s talk more about a few of the ways you can make your wedding day look picture perfect.

Hire A Wedding Photographer

First off, it’s important to hire a wedding photographer that knows their stuff. While it might be tempting to ask a pal to bring out their DSLR and snap some photos, we don’t recommend this. You want someone whose entire job during that day is to capture beautiful portraits of you, your family and your friends. While we’re sure your friend is a fabulous photographer, they should also be able to have fun on the wedding day and not have to be working during it! As wedding photographers, we take our jobs very seriously. We aren’t just pointing our cameras and clicking away — we’re setting up romantic, well designed, well lit scenes that will capture every second of your wedding. We have years of experience, portfolios full of work, and we know how to handle wrangling your entire wedding party to take those picture-perfect group shots. Hiring an experienced photographer is one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll have amazing photos at your wedding. And luckily, photographers will know how to capture those dream photos you’ve been pinning away on Pinterest! When you meet with your photographer, make sure to bring along some inspiration you have for your wedding photos. Open communication is always the best way to go!

How will you pose in your wedding day picture

Photo by Aram Event Photography

Speaking of inspiration — it’s time to get inspired! You’ve probably have a few favorite wedding photos that you’ve seen on social media, but now it’s time to get serious about what you’re looking for. Go on Pinterest or create a saved folder on your Instagram and start combing through wedding photography. Save only what speaks to you, and after a while, see if you start to notice a pattern. Is there a certain aesthetic style you tend to lean toward? Do you keep saving couples that pose in a distinct way? Do you like moody and darker photos, or light and airy ones? Once you can pinpoint what your personal photo style is, then you can start collaborating with your photographer about how you can turn your dreams into a reality. If you show your photographer what style of photos you’re looking to create, then they can start thinking of the ways that they can take their own unique spin on the style to make it just right.

And inspiration doesn’t have to just be about the aesthetics, it can be about the poses too! Do you know how professional models look so good in all those photos they post? It’s because they constantly are trying new poses! When you play with poses and angles, your photos can change from drab to fab in just seconds. If you’re unsure of how you and your boo will pose in pictures, then do some research and start to look into couple’s photography. Just like before, save these photos and keep them in mind when you’re posing together on the big day. And on the big day, try a variety of poses! You don’t have to stick with just one. If you’re feeling extra unsure of how you two will do on the big day, then maybe try some test shots and see if you like them. Set up a self-timer, or even schedule a shoot with a photographer just to get comfortable in front of the camera!

Consider the background for your pictures

Photo by Aram Event Photography

Pick A Location That Enhances Your Wedding Day Pictures

Now that you have the poses planned and the photos arranged, it’s time to also think about how your wedding will look. If you want your wedding photos to look nice, then you need to have a background that’s nice too! When you’re picking out your venue for your ceremony or reception, ask yourself if you want to see photos of you in that space for years to come. This can also apply to your wedding decor too! Will your ceremony pieces add to the ambience of the day, or will they be a major distraction in photos? With every item you add to your “want” list for your wedding, think about how future you will look back on it. Remember, these photos will be looked at years down the line by you, your loved ones and all the people you still have yet to meet! We can help you choose from a range of Central Park https://daretodream.nyc/central-park-wedding-packages/ wedding locations that feature iconic scenery, and create an all-inclusive package that fits your needs and budget.

While there’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning your picture-perfect wedding day, it’s also important to not stress too much about it. We know, someone telling you to not stress about one of the biggest days of your life seems kind of ironic — but it’s true! Looking back on your photos you won’t be thinking about all the time you took planning these perfectly posed pictures, instead you’ll be thinking about all the love you felt that day and how your love has grown since then. Best of luck!

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Aram Hovsepian is Miami wedding photographer at Aram Event Photography. 

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