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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Every bride imagines walking into her wedding reception and being surrounded by endless numbers of loved ones and beautiful surroundings. Although what that looks like varies drastically, there is almost always this one common desire.

This is why one of the hardest things for brides to decide between is inviting ALL of the people they would like to include, or throwing the most amazing reception of all time. In most cases, due to budget restraints, this is one choice you can not avoid.

Reception elegance

Coming To Terms With Wedding Costs

For most, the reality sets in as the couple make their first steps towards picking out the venue. Quickly it becomes easy to see the stark difference in price between a 150-person reception at your typical sized venue, and a 500 person reception in a ballroom or conference space. Not only do you need a whole new level of venue for the added guests (thus reducing your choice in the location many times), but you also may start to see a jump in the per person costs. Many times this can be anywhere between an extra $15 per person to a whopping $50 per person!

Luckily, right now the industry has been seeing a shift towards smaller guest counts in favor of specialty receptions. It’s now become more popular for brides to favor really special experiences over a huge party.

Upscale food for your wedding reception

Planning The Wedding Reception Of Your Dreams

Personally, as an event designer for Couture Ever After who focuses on creating magical experiences, this is a shift I completely support. I see that when bride and grooms focus more on the experience of their big day, it not only makes it more magical for them, but also for their guests.

With a smaller guest count, it is much easier to include one of a kind personalized touches such as laser cut signage, custom coffee or dessert bars, never-before-used locations, or even as we created recently, a 14ft silver tinsel chandelier (see the picture above). The fun is definitely in the details.

This is why I say, include those most important to you, and create a wedding day that will truly be unforgettable.

Specialty touches at the reception

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BIO: This guest blog post was written by designer, Nicole Boles Wolf, owner of Couture Ever After. With a background in fashion design, interior design, and event design, her bespoke events are always something out of the ordinary in the best way possible. She believes in creating magical experiences and does this by creating one of a kind props and decor along with custom wedding themes for brides in Wichita, Kansas, and throughout the U.S.


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