As the CEO of Honeyfund, I take personal responsibility for the success of each and every one of our couples. In that spirit, I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks: “How can I help couples who are determined to go forward with their 2020 wedding?” (My type-A personality will not even be stopped by a pandemic.)

I’m happy to share the results of weeks of collaboration with my own team at Honeyfund, wedding industry professionals, partners, and one special celebrity, our own Shark Tank investor Mr. Wonderful. If you and your partner are absolutely getting married THIS YEAR, here’s how to do it:

Create a Honeyfund — and a Wedding Fund

What couples need right now is flexibility, and there’s no wedding gift more flexible than cash. For 14 years, Honeyfund has helped make couples’ dream honeymoons happen with our cash-based honeymoon registry solution. Now, you can register for wedding funds, too.

How to Plan a Traditional Wedding During Coronavirus

Starting to think your wedding is out the window? We spoke to wedding planners, venues, and wedding vendors to give you all the information you need to move forward with your COVID-safe wedding plans. Here’s how to plan your wedding during coronavirus.

Plan Your At-Home, 2020 Wedding

Want to keep it small and safe? Your wedding can be as simple as an at-home ceremony with Zoom and a virtual background. Or get creative with a space in your home or yard. You can also ship celebration baskets to friends and family so they can share in the toast or enjoy cake for dessert with you. If there is someone close to you that you’d like to perform the ceremony, they can be ordained online using this service. For more ideas to make your special day become a reality, browse our new Online Weddings Vendor Directory.

Honeymoon at Home

Since traveling is out for the time being, we’ve put together a series of honeymoon-inspired date night ideas. Hawaii, anyone?

Enter the Mr. Wonderful Wedding Rescue Giveaway (Entries Closed May 25)

It may be too late to enter, but you can follow the story of one lucky couple who was married by ABC Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary — Mr Wonderful himself! Ten more winners received $1,000 into their Honeyfund account.

As we gather more ideas and resources, we’ll update this post and share them on the blog. Do you have a Coronavirus Wedding story to share? Comment below to be featured on Honeyfund’s Instagram!


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