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RENT MY WEDDING offers a home wedding décor kit that makes a virtual wedding look and feel just as special as a traditional wedding. Check out the before & after shots of this garage transformed for a virtual wedding!

How it works: The kit comes with specialty lighting & wall draping that transforms any room or backyard. Order online, and the kit is delivered right to the couples’ door. Setup is easy using simple, step-by-step instructions. Afterwards, put everything back in the same box and FedEx picks it up for return.

Why couples need a virtual wedding décor kit: You shouldn’t have to compromise just because you're having a virtual wedding. You can still have a dream wedding right in your own home! With the right decorations, you'll experience a “wow” factor when you step into the room. This will create wonderful life-long memories of your wedding day. And, the photos and video will look amazing! No one will even realize that the wedding wasn’t at a traditional venue.


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