Custom sunglasses are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. They make great wedding favors at an outdoor wedding, serve as a stylish gift to the bridal party, and add flair to a bachelorette weekend. And when they’re Ray-Bans, you want them for you and your spouse, too.

Ray-Bans are iconic and highly personal. You can choose from 37 different styles, multiple materials, 149 diverse lenses, and 120 color options to create a one-of-a-kind pair. Read to the end to find out how to get a Honefund exclusive 10% discount!

TIP: Choose a style using the face shape guide or ‘try it on’ using their virtual mirror feature.

Four Simple Steps to Create Your Customized Ray-Bans

The customization process is simple and stress-free, guiding you to create the perfect style and functionality for each person on your list.

1. Pick the Frame & Material

Choose from over 37 different style frames such as the aviator, club master, wayfarer, or chromance to name a few. You can never go wrong with a classic aviator in our opinion. These different styles also vary in the materials used to create them ranging from acetate, titanium and even hypoallergenic metals.

2. Choose Lenses

Endless customization options when it comes to their lenses. You have the option to select between 149 different lens types and 290 different colors. All ranging from single or progressive, to polarized or non-polarized, gradient, mirrored, solid or upgrade to premium lens treatments. Send Ray-Ban a copy of your valid prescription and the customer care team will gladly add that in for you.

NOTE: Ray-Ban polarized lenses not only eliminate glare, but they also increase visual clarity, reduces eye strain when in the sun and enhances contrast. They have more than 70 years of research and innovation in this area and have designed glasses that block more than 99% of reflected light. Sign me up for a pair today, am I right?

3. Select Temple Tips

This is a cool feature to be able to customize the size and color of the temple tips, which are the long stems that go just behind your ears. The standard size fits about 90% of people but you also have the option for small and large depending on your preference and head shape. Once you determine the size you can then choose from a variety of colors from white to transparent and they even offer turquoise, one of our favorite colors.

4. Add Engraving

Once you have designed the perfect pair of sunglasses you then have the option to add some engraving to the temple tips. This is a great feature when you are designing sunglasses for your wedding guests or bridal party as you can engrave your wedding hashtag. If you are purchasing a pair for your soon to be significant other, you can even engrave your wedding date on the side.

If you thought the customization ended there, we have one more surprise for you. You get to also pick out your own sunglass case color and upgrade to premium options, too. You can engrave two lines of text into the case to leave a special message for your honey or bridal party.

Even though the step-by-step design process is pretty self-explanatory, once you have placed your order the customer care team will reach out if they have any questions. The delivery is free, and your order is shipped out within six business days, wrapped in very special packaging. Share your custom order with us and tag us for a chance to get featured on our social media using #RayBanREMIX & #RayBanHoneyfund.

Are you ready to design your very own customized pair of sunglasses? Let the fun begin. And don’t forget to grab the 10% exclusive Honeyfund “corporate discount.” Just send an e-mail to to get your 10% off code.

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    These are some fantastic ideas for gifting, will be a great addition for a wedding gift registry as well I hope. A pair of Ray-Bans are going to be a perfect and memorable gift that can last for a very long time too.

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