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The wedding is perhaps the moment in our life that will remain forever in our memory. It is one magical moment in life when we get to celebrate true love, connection, and commitment. It’s a magical event that celebrates the union of two beautiful souls, and that’s why it is so important to take care of every detail – so you have nothing to worry about on your wedding day. 

The very first detail you must take care of when you plan your wedding is the invitation. It seems like a small detail, but there are many mistakes you can make when you write it. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting our top common wedding invitation etiquette mistakes to avoid so you can enjoy your wedding.

Wedding invitation

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Sending the Invitation Too Late

The very first aspect of the invitation is determining the perfect sending time. Many wonder what the proper time to send the invitation so you are not sending it too soon or late? Professionals advise that the proper sending time is 8 weeks before the wedding so they can have plenty of time to prepare and make arrangements.

In any case, sending it sooner is usually not a big issue. For instance, you might send two rows of invitations: A list and a B list. People on your A list should be invited sooner because they might be busier or coming from farther people and need more time to make arrangements. The B list should not be invited later than 8 weeks though.

Too Much Information

A big mistake you can make on a wedding invitation etiquette is to write too much information. People are not looking forward to reading how you’ve been doing or how the events will unfold. Your guests just want to know that they are wanted there and what are the details they need to know. It’s an invitation, not a letter, so for discussing more details, they can always call you.

Too Little Information

On the other hand, it is even worse to leave out important information or contain typos. Just imagine misstating the specific time or sending the wrong date. It would be a real nightmare to fix this problem, let alone not knowing it even happened. Therefore, always double-check if all the information is accurate and included in your invitation. You can never be too sure.

Make sure you include the time and date, location, and who is invited – these are crucial details. If there are other important details such as different locations for reception and ceremony, you should mention both. Don’t leave out any important detail.

RSVP for wedding invitaitons

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 Grammar Issues

Grammar issues are a nightmare. Picture yourself reading a wedding-invitation etiquette with misspelled word and grammar issues. What impression would that give you as a guest? A well-written invitation is a sign of care and respect for your guests.

Therefore, you should ask for help from a professional custom essay writing service, for the best result and have the top essay writing service proofread your invitation. This way, you can rest assured that your invitations are in good hands, and you will have nothing to worry about. Remember, it’s your special day, and you must treat every aspect with care.

Not Providing RSVP Instructions

Another big mistake is leaving out the RSVP instructions. This happens mostly because you don’t think it’s necessary to provide an RSVP card so they can send back their response. If you invite people through a letter, it would be the only natural for them to respond back in the same manner. 

Therefore, it is rude for you not to provide them the tools to do so.along with instructions. What instructions? Well, guests need to know by what date you need their response and how to send it back. 

If you want to make things even easier for them, write the RSVP card yourself and just leave the spaces, so they fill in or check their response. The easier and more pleasant the process is, the happier your guests will be. Just put yourself in their shoes and ask what kind of invitation would make you feel the best? The answer will come faster than you know it, and the mistakes will be harder to make.

Surpirse wedding guests

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Not Clarifying Who is Invited

Perhaps the most common mistake is inviting the wrong persons. Many time people invite a couple, but the whole family showed up. I know – the more, the merrier, but it’s about not being prepared for so many guests, and that will cause an undesired situation.

But how can you possibly invite someone you don’t want at your wedding? It’s pretty simple. It’s all about the wording. You see, you might write on the wedding invitation that you are inviting the Smith family, but this might be interpreted differently. 

While for you, the Smith family includes four members, for them, it might consist of other relatives too. For that reason, you must be very clear who you are inviting to your wedding. If you write “I invite Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” there’s no doubt that only the two of them are invited.

Overdressing the Invitation

We all want our wedding to match our personality, but what about the invitation? Let’s say that you and your loved one have a deep passion for music. Naturally, you would like your invitation to show a personal note of your partnership. For that reason, personalizing the invitation to match the style of your wedding is not a bad thing. The mistake is then it’s too much that it makes the guests uncomfortable. 

“The big mistake many people do when they want to live an imprint on their invitation is that they go too far – they overdress their invitation etiquette,” says Melanie Grane, the proofreader and style designer at writing services reviews. Diversity is good and to be appreciated, but this is not a celebration of the passions you share together, but of love, connection, and commitment. 

Just because you and your partner have a common passion, the others are not obliged to have it or to experience it the whole wedding. The point is for everyone to feel good.

Avoid etiquette mistakes at your wedding

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Conclusion: Top Wedding Invitation Etiquette Mistake

Your wedding deserves to be perfect, and avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes will assure you one. Every step of your wedding should be well taken care of, and the invitations are an important part as they are setting the tone and spread the word of your wonderful wedding day. 

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