Wedding jewelry choices

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Planning a wedding is hard work. You’ll need to put in your time, energy, and cash – not to mention your nerves. And while some couples delegate the planning duties to a coordinator or to family and friends, there are some things that you just can’t leave up to anyone else: the way the bride and groom look. The gown and the suit are one part of it, but there is so much more that goes into a good wedding outfit. And amongst accessories, the jewelry is what will – literally – make you shine.

Showcase the rings

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The Centerpiece

The most important piece of jewelry of any wedding must be the rings. They aren’t just something that looks pretty on your finger, but they are symbols of your undying love to one another. When you put the ring on, you are promising yourselves to each other, and all eyes are on those bands. Some people opt for family heirlooms and rings passed down through generations, although this is a tradition more commonly associated with engagement. But nowadays, you can find incredible wedding rings online, and since going to the shops and trying rings out has become such a cliché, you’ll be saving yourself a few bucks too, which is never a bad thing around wedding season. Just make sure you go to a local jeweler’s to find out your ring size before you order.

Queen Of Your Own Kingdom

It’s not rare to see crowns being used in ceremonies across different cultures, particularly in church weddings. In those cases, you don’t really get to choose the kind of crown you’ll be wearing, but if crowning is not part of the agenda, you can get your own crown. Subtle tiaras are a great way to bring attention to your head and face, which can often be overpowered by the wedding dress. However, if you have a very glamorous dress with a lot of sparkle, then something like a flower in your hair or a simple satin band would look better, as a crown might make it look tacky.

Match It Up

There’s nothing cleverer than seeing a subtle little detail that the pair thought of to bring their two outfits together, and jewelry is a great way to showcase that. If the groom is wearing a blue suit, the bride can wear sapphire earrings to mirror that color. Or the groom can have cufflinks that match the bridal bouquet or shoe color. If both parties have some piercings, they can wear completely matching jewelry, or at least one with the same metal and stones.

Those That Can’t Be With You

There’s nothing sweeter than paying homage to the loved ones who can’t attend your wedding by making them part of the day. The best way to do this is to put their picture in a little locket and wear it around your neck so that they will walk right down that aisle with you. Small, dainty necklaces are very much in style for modern brides anyway, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting married with your family close, and looking as beautiful as they would want you to.

Classic pearls for your wedding

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There’s nothing more classic, timeless and elegant than pearls. Whether you splurge on real pearls or just get some fake ones, they will look beautiful both from afar and up close. The good thing about pearls is how subtle they are, meaning that you can wear them as a three-piece (earrings, necklace and bracelet) without looking overpowering. You can also use them in creative ways by sewing them directly into your dress as décor or wrapping them around a top bun. The groom can wear pearl cufflinks to match.

The key thing to remember when getting and putting on jewelry for your big day is that less is more. Your dress is already going to be the centerpiece of the show, so you don’t want anything outshining it. You also don’t want anything that is too shiny, so try to mix muted metals with some shiny stones for the best effect. You don’t want to go to your wedding without any jewelry on because it might end up looking too plain and simple, so keep a healthy balance and you will look like royalty.

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