Are Name Change Kits Worth It?

Planning a wedding can involve a pretty long to-do list, and unfortunately it doesn’t stop once you’re married. One of the most important things you may choose to do after your wedding is  change your name. Many newlyweds are surprised to learn that changing your name can take days, if not weeks, to complete.

We’re a big fan of working smarter, not harder and when it comes to changing your name, there’s a simple solution we love: Name Change Kits! Name Change Kits are a game-changer when it comes to quickly making your new last name official. You can get all your paperwork prepared in about 10 or 15 minutes. A good kit can save you over 8 hours of time on hold, looking for forms and writing letters. 

What Is a Name Change Kit?

A Name Change Kit is just what it sounds like — a kit to help you change your name once you get married, if you decide to go this route! The best kits provide you with a personalized set of company forms, letters and emails that you just sign and send off. Our favorite one to use is Easy Name Change. They were established in 2008 and have helped over 1 Million people change their name! Their easy-to-use kit can give you back hours of your time. Their kits start at $39 and your time is priceless! 

How Does Easy Name Change’s Kit Work?

It’s super simple! First, you’ll select the kit that you’d like to purchase and then you’ll spend about 5-10 minutes looking at a detailed list of organizations and checking off the ones you need to notify. People usually check off anywhere from 12 to over 50 organizations You’ll then input your basic personal information which will be populated across all of your paperwork, making it easier to fill in your more personal information, then simply attach a copy of your marriage certificate and send off your kit

Here’s what to expect when you order your Easy Name Change kit:

  • Step-by-step instructions that give you the exact paperwork needed for your chosen organizations
  • Personalized, ready-to-send forms and letters with prepaid mailing envelopes (and ready-to-forward e-mails for the more tech-savvy places you need to notify)
  • Information on how to reorder certificates if needed
  • The requirements and needed forms for in-person appointments (i.e., the DMV) 

If you’ve been thinking about using a name change kit, we highly recommend spending the $39 to save weeks of research and paperwork and using Easy Name Change. With their 60-Day money-back guarantee, it’s well worth it! And right now you can get $5 off when you use the promo code LOVE2SAVE5.


Jordyn Coppola

Jordyn Coppola has been a member of Honeyfund's Marketing Team since 2018. Her #1 goal is to always make sure our couples are happy and have a great experience. She currently resides in sunny Florida with her three dogs. She has traveled all over the East Coast and hopes to explore the West Coast in the near future.

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