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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

We get wedding invitations from family members, children of our good friends, our peers, and even co-workers. The one thing in common? We know at least one of the soon-to-be partners. And we are happy not only to be invited, but that the two have found each other and are ready to start a life together.

One thing that has become more and more common is that guests are asked to write a wedding card to the new couple – something with a message to them that will be meaningful and remembered.

What to write? You can be rather standard, of course, but maybe you want to be more unique and personal. And maybe you need to tailor your message to your level of knowing one of the two but not the other. So many things to think about.

With that in mind, here are some good tips for writing that perfect wedding card.

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1. As a General Rule…

Wedding cards should always contain a congratulatory message, no matter what else may be written on them.

They should include some type of personal message wishing them well.

They should include a “thank you” for letting you be a part of their big day.

They should include a warm/friendly closing.

2. What’s Your Relationship to the Couple?

The message style and tone should match your relationship.

If you are a close relative, your message will be warm and intimate. After all, you have known as least one as a family member for a long time.

If, on the other hand, you are a college buddy, your message will have a very different and much more casual tone.

Or you may be a co-worker. One of the two is probably relatively close to you if you have been invited to the wedding. Again, your tone and style will be more friendly and perhaps casual.

If you are friends with parents but do not know the couple, then your message will be more formal and perhaps a bit briefer than those who know either one or both well.

3. You May Want to Consider the Style of Ceremony Too

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes today. From the very formal church wedding and reception to a casual beach ceremony, and everything in between, couples have a lot of options and choices today.

If the event is highly formal, then your card should be more formal too. And you can choose from any number of cards available on websites. If the event is casual, your card will be as well. Again, there are websites that offer casual cards for too.

If the wedding is a very religious one and the couple and families are highly invested in their religion(s), then a religious card may be warranted, and your message should be as well.

4. A Card is Just a Card

Even if you choose a pre-made card that has a message within, this should not relieve you of a personal message. The couple will be reading these cards later, and one that is not personalized is not meaningful at all.

5. When You Want to Be Creative

You may want a really memorable message. but you are not a naturally creative writer. You can enlist the help of any number of writing services that have creative writing departments. Check out Top Writers Review or Essay Guard for starters. They can point you in the direction of agencies that have amazing creative writing departments.

6. When the Message Venue is at the Event

Some couples present a message “board” of sorts at the reception, so that guests may leave their congratulations and other comments in that way. If you know that this will be the method to be used, be certain to plan your message in advance, so that you do not have to “shoot from the hip” when you are in the midst of the festivities.

7. Find Sample Wedding Card Messages to Get You Started

You will find all sorts of example messages on the web, and these will help you see the types of messages that are appropriate for a variety of circumstances – formal, informal, very casual, humorous, religious, etc. You can use them as guides as you craft your own.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from PexelsWrapping It All Up

Wedding cards have not always been as common as they are today. Usually, they were sent when an invited guest was unable to attend or when a guest is enclosing a gift card. Today, though, they are an important part of many weddings, because the newlyweds do want to read those personal messages. These seven tips should help you come up with just the right message for any type of wedding and any relationship you may have with the couple.

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