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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Now everyone’s definition of ˜last minute’ will be different; for some it will mean the day before the wedding, for others (such as the planner in me!) last minute refers to the 4 weeks running up to your big day.

At this stage, most significant factors should be under control, which means you can enjoy the run up to your wedding, and allow yourself time to consider the following factors which will help your day run as smoothly as possible¦.

Top 10 Wedding Projects For A Flawless Day

1. Call in the bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are not just there to look beautiful in your photos; they’re appointed to help, so let them help you.

A few weeks out arrange a girly evening (with wine of course) to get some tasks ticked off your ˜to-do’ list such as writing placecards or organising the favours.

Test your shoes

2.  Wear your shoes in

I’m sure that every one of us has had a pair of heels ruin our evening, and probably not just on one occasion. Do not let this happen on your wedding day; wear your shoes in!

If you’re worried about dirtying them, or don’t like the thought of your husband-to-be catching a glimpse of your wedding day style then cover them in plastic bags when you wear them around the house.

I cannot advise this enough; comfy feet = happy bride.

3.  Create an emergency kit

Who knows what little hiccups may occur on the wedding day¦a shoe that rubs, a tear in the dress, an unexpected period. These things happen to us all so be prepared and build yourself an emergency bridal bag which includes things like plasters, a sewing kit, deodorant, tampons, tit (excuse my language)-tape, scissors etc. The chances are you won’t need it¦but if you do you’ll be forever grateful for your forward thinking!

Test your makeup

4.  Have hair and make up trials

In all honesty it doesn’t matter when you have these trials, just as long as you have them booked in some when before you wedding day.

No one wants a hair or make up panic, especially not on the morning of your wedding so arrange a trial with your stylist. This is even more important if you’re planning on doing something different to your usual look, trust me, you’ll be glad of the additional expenditure when you can relax whilst being pampered on the day itself!

5.  Nominate a point of contact for the wedding day

Throughout your wedding day there may be things the venue or suppliers need to contact you and your new husband about. To avoid this, nominate a point of contact to deal with all the little things that may crop up; a best man or the brides brother is usually ideal for this. It will allow you to enjoy your day with everything ticking over nicely in the background.

Just don’t forget to make sure the relevant people know who that point of contact is!

6.  Send guests directions

The location of your ceremony/reception may seem self-explanatory but make sure guests know where they need to be and (equally importantly) when they need to be there.

When it comes to the wedding day you won’t (or shouldn’t!) be at the end of your phone to answer any texts from lost guests so avoid this by sending out directions and relevant tips (such as where to park) well in advance.

7.  Compile a schedule of timings and numbers

Much of wedding planning comes down to logistics.

Firstly, make sure you have a clear schedule of timings i.e. when is each part of the day supposed to start, when are you expecting suppliers to arrive to set up, when are you expecting suppliers to leave. Include any contact numbers so you easily have them to hand if they’re needed on the day.

Secondly, make sure this is confirmed and communicated to the venue and to suppliers so everyone knows what to expect.

Know guests' dietary preferences

8.  Check and communicate dietary requirements

Earlier on in the process you should have considered whether any of your guests have allergies or dietary requirements, ensure you communicate this to the venue so they can prepare any meals separately if necessary and make a note on the table plan of where these guests will be sat so that the venue can serve them seamlessly.

9.  Know your drinks limit

The chances are you will have pre-paid for some alcohol for your guests, whether it’s wine at dinner, on open bar during the party (or both!) and unless your budget is limitless it’s likely that this will have some form of cap on it.

Consider your limit and communicate it to the venue, i.e. on the wedding day if/when the dinner wine runs out what would you like staff to do about it? Charge guests from then on? Add more bottles up to a certain amount? It’s good to think about these things in advance so you don’t worry about it on the day.

10.  Hire a co-ordinator

Now of course I’m a little biased, and would recommend hiring a planner from the very beginning; however many planners will also offer co-ordination only services which may be more suited to you.

They’ll get involved with your wedding 4-8 weeks before the wedding and take care of the smooth running on the day so all you need to do is enjoy yourself!

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