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Ensure your day with a wedding planner

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Your wedding day is a big day and one of the few milestones of your life you ideally celebrate once. So why do so many people choose to cut corners on it and leave so many aspects of it to chance?

Let’s look at it this way: you invest in many different areas of your life, paying insurance for services that will help protect you from any unforeseen and unpredictable problems that may arise in your life. And your wedding day should be treated no differently because it is a day that cannot be repeated!

So, how can you take care and “insure” your wedding day??

Answer: By hiring a wedding planner.

Wedding planners are your insurance policies for your wedding: they serve as a guide through the arduous, detail-filled process of wedding planning and protect you with actual insurance.

Five Main Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

Whether you choose to receive assistance every step of the way of the wedding planning process, or simply opt for wedding-day management, the following are five main reasons of why you should hire a wedding planner:

Invest in a wedding planner

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1. It reduces stress and anxiety.

Wedding planners assist in eliminating the overwhelming anxiety, stress, and pressure accompanying the effort and work required to organize and plan a wedding, ensuring you feel in-control and relaxed as you enjoy your metamorphosis from Miss to Mrs.

Save time by hiring a wedding planner

2. They help you save time.

Now, you may be a person whose modus operandi is D.I.Y. due to a desire to save money. To accomplish this, you delegate different tasks and responsibilities to family members and close friends.

Orchestrating all aspects of the wedding planning to remain on task and schedule before, during, and even after the wedding takes time and manpower that will create a lot of stress and pressure, cause you to possibly overlook essential elements, and may even result in your not enjoying yourself at your own wedding.

You do not want this happening to you on your big day! Let the wedding planner take on all the hard work and research. Their experience in planning previous weddings allows them to advise you on what may work or not to help achieve your desired wedding vision.

Wedding planners save you time in searching and know exactly who to choose to help turn your envisioned wedding into a reality. They have established relationships with an eclectic selection of trust-worthy vendors, caterers, entertainers, florists, venues, and other professional businesses.

Zaza 3

Zaza 4

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3. They save you money.

This shared business history your wedding planner has with others is in your favor as you may benefit from special, discounted rates on services and packages that would be costlier if you tried getting them as an individual. A good wedding planner will help you stay within your budget and ensure you have a successful and impressive wedding.

Wedding planners save you money

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4. They are detail-oriented.

A wedding planner knows the prices of services and what weddings demand.

By learning what your taste and wedding vision is, a good wedding planner will suggest amazing décor and ideas to heighten the quality of your wedding.

They will orchestrate your entire wedding so all parts and vendors go well together like a symphony.

And a professional wedding planner will be sure to adjust any glitch that may arise before, during, or after the wedding so that your wedding vision is down to the tee (many times without you noticing anything went wrong!).

Wedding planners insure your wedding

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5. Wedding planners will insure your wedding—literally.

Many couples have never heard of such a thing. Those who have most likely may purchase their own policy, but when you have a wedding planner, you are usually covered as part of the service.

Wedding insurance policy details are pretty exhaustive, so here is the gist of it:

All wedding planners must purchase and carry wedding insurance that will cover any mishaps.

For example, at Zaza & Company Events & Designs,  our insurance policy is $ 2 million, and always covers our couple and venue. Other times, vendors cover their own equipment, bringing more policy coverage to the table.

I was not joking when I said having a wedding planner REALLY is an insurance policy!

Protect your wedding investment with a wedding planner

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Bottom line: Life is based around decisions. Choosing to tie the knot is a very important life event, and investing in a wedding planner to guide you along the planning process and day is an important decision as well. One of the most popular and influential wedding and bridal blogs “Junebug Weddings” frequently asks its brides,” What is the best decision you made when planning your wedding?” And the most popular response has been, “Hiring a wedding planner.”

Having a wedding planner both ensures and insures that you will have a perfect wedding dayl

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Bio: Written by Houda Itani on behalf of Zaza & Co. Events and Design.

Let Zaza plan your eventsSherine Zaza, owner of Zaza & Co. Events and Design, specializes in extravagant event planning. Featured in “Ceremony” Magazine, “People” Magazine, “Big Fake Wedding,” and awarded “Woman of the Year” Award by the National Association of Professional Women. We ensure each event is unique to our client’s taste, style, and vision. For events from business conferences to baby showers to celebrity-status weddings, call Sherine Zaza for a consultation at (310) 292-6578.

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Planning a wedding on short noticeThis entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Planning a wedding in a short notice of time can be very difficult, but most definitely possible. It takes patience and diligence to provide the best experience for not only the bride and groom, but for participating vendors as well.

What To Keep In Mind When Planning A Wedding

Planning for the big day


Often times when we are planning a wedding we tend to get frustrated when we don’t hear a response from the client right away. For planners and the client themselves, it is very important for both parties to be responsive in order for the big day to run as smooth as possible. We must remember that both the bride and groom most likely have day jobs, school, children, etc. they are taking care of — while we work, so do they! Be patient and know that you will get an answer, but also remain consistent and continue to do follow-ups with your client.

Little by little, details come together


A huge thing to take note of when planning a wedding in a short amount of time is to take an idea and run with it. You’ll notice that one idea will lead to another, and then shortly you will have planned a full wedding day. You have to be flexible when working with a client and be ready to meet with them. Maybe you have to skip your 2pm massage appointment, but don’t worry it will still be waiting there for you when the wedding is all said-and-done.

Creating a vision for the wedding


Often times we have a bride who wants to plan a wedding exactly the way she sees on Pinterest. As most of us know, sometimes it is hard to recreate exactly what she saw on the app, but we do our best. Say she sees an organic wedding arch decked with greenery and draping. We all know that one leaf is different from the next, so when recreating a vision and you think something else will work better, then follow your gut and just do it.

Be open minded with venues


When planning a wedding with little notice we often run into the issue of vendors and specific venues being available. Start putting yourself out there, research, and put yourself out there again. Make connections and find exactly what you’re looking for. Finding a location for a wedding with plenty of time can be hard — and finding a venue in a short allotment of time can be extremely difficult. This is where we have to get creative.

Think outside the box and contact venues and other vendors that normally don’t host such events — most times they are thrilled to cater to a bride and groom! The fine thing about this is that your venue is new, fresh, and most likely never been utilized for a wedding before. This makes for a personable and intimate wedding. Bring in a new florist and maybe they will show you designs you’ve never seen before. As far as the client goes — they trust you and your overall product. It is important to be open-minded about the planning process and know that things may not be the way you initially imagined, but they will still look great in your hands.

Stay positive to assure success


The best part about planning a wedding in short notice of time is seeing all of the amazing things that can transpire. We start to get creative, host a ceremony in a foreign building, make new connections with vendors we would have never met, and overall host a wonderful wedding. Stay positive, and know that you just have to keep moving. Remember, you are the expert here and you can and will get through it.

Each bump in the road leads to new experiences and adventures — don’t get caught up in knowing you have a short amount of time. Follow your gut and run with it! Personal favorite weddings are the ones that are different from all of the rest.

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Bio: Jennifer Matteo is a wedding planner in Sarasota, FL who prides herself of providing creative solutions to brides, even those who want the perfect wedding in a short timeframe. Working with an experienced team of planners and preferred vendors, she is able to help every bride have the wedding of her dreams. For examples of weddings she has done, check out her website.

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