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#WeddingWednesday ep 28 – Live from Bloomingdales in NYC!

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Welcome to #WeddingWednesday, live from Bloomingdales in NYC! We’re giving away a $100 Bloomindale’s Gift Card, and simply thrilled to have our special guest, Cheryl Seidel of!

Cheryl founded after she had a hard time finding a friend’s wedding registry online. Now it’s so simple to find all gift registries on!

Speaking of having all registries in one place, Honeyfund now powers all kinds of giving including a Universal Registry and links to store registries!

Without further ado, let’s hear from Cheryl!

What should couples think of when choosing a registry?

Think about the purpose: Convenience for guests! The first registries were created for this purpose and it still holds true today.

Tell us more about giving guests choices?

Make sure you have a balance of prices and types of items that fit all budgets. Guests love the $50-100 range, but don’t be shy about gifts at the $200 or more level.

What if I have everything I need for my home?

You can upgrade! Guests want to buy something you’ll remember.

What trends are you seeing in the registry world?

Everyone is buying online now! And that makes giving cash more popular as well. Online cash giving is safe and secure and serves a wide variety of families, cultures and backgrounds.

What do you tell couples trying to figure it all out?

Check out the AskCheryl column on registry finder for some great etiquette tips! Like #1: Don’t include registry info on your invitation. And always express gratitude! A heartfelt thank you note is timeless. Check out Honeyfund’s social post generator, which let’s you post a cute photo and stamp, with your wedding hashtag as a cute FYI. (And wink wink it links back to your Honeyfund page!)

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