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Three Cash Registry Etiquette Pitfalls

By January 24, 2013 August 15th, 2019 2 Comments

We at Honeyfund get a lot of questions about the etiquette of both receiving and giving cash gifts. That’s why we publish an entire page of FAQs on the subject. If you’d prefer the quick version, here are the common pitfalls:

1. Mentioning your registry in your wedding invitation

I actually made this mistake as a bride and put registry info in the invitation. I wish we had simply left it to word of mouth, as in hindsight it was embarrassing to expect gifts at all. A simple insert with the web address of your wedding website will direct guests who wish to find your registries to the right place.

2. Skipping the traditional registry

If you have anyone from elder generations attending your wedding you are strongly encouraged to have a traditional registry. It can be a small department store list, in addition to your honeyfund. Just make sure you have choices for those who are not keen on cash gifts.

3. Letting your guests pay a transaction fee

More and more cash gift sites are charging gift givers a handling fee ON TOP OF the fee the couple pays. Or giving couples the choice of who pays. We think this is a big mistake, and could even deter your guests from giving the gift at all. That’s why Honeyfund offers free offline payment methods, as well as the lowest online credit card transaction fees available. (Paid by the couple, never the guest.)

Now, go register with confidence! I know you’ll be doing it properly.



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