Round Out Your Registries with a Honeyfund!

Many couples come to us wondering if it’s ok to have a honeyfund and a traditional registry.  We say, “Yes!”

In fact, we recommend that wedding couples have both traditional and alternative registries.

Why? Because guests love options! A store-bought item won’t appeal to everyone on your list. And neither will chipping in for your honeymoon or home down payment.


Here are some examples of items you could register for, alongside your store registry or registries…

Add a honeyfund to your registries. Guests get more creative choices and you get what you really need!

Yes you read that right, you can register for just about anything with Honeyfund!

Register now, for free! We offer 100% free options, the lowest transaction fees in the industry and all your gift funds are sent directly to you. 🙂

Here’s to having it all!

– Sara & Josh, founders


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  1. Becky Nelson May 7, 2014 @ 6:39 pm

    I love this! We would register for furniture, and date nights, and of course the actual honeymoon. The only thing I would add would be outdoor gear. We have our eyes on a 2 person kayak, plus car rack to carry it, and life vests… that all adds up. We need to figure out what we want most so we can create our own registry!

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