Life after the wedding

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This entry is from Amberly Lambertsen, as a part of our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting! Picking a venue, finding a caterer, shopping for the perfect dress, planning your honeymoon – it’s all fun and something to look forward to. Too often, however, I see couples get so caught up on planning for their big day that they forget the most important aspect of their wedding, the marriage. The reason you have a wedding to plan for and the entire purpose of the event is your relationship and the life that you plan to live together. Amidst the fun of wedding planning, are you remembering to plan for your marriage? These tips will help to set the two of you up for a long-lasting marriage together.

Don't forget date night

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Ways to Plan for Your Marriage, Not Just the Wedding

Continue to make date night a priority

While we were planning for our wedding, and busy with work and school, one thing I looked forward to every week was date night. It was nice to get away from all of the stuff and date each other, like we did in the early days of our relationship. As you’re doing your planning, don’t forget to put date night on the calendar each week. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, go see a movie out in theaters, take a hike together, or do something else that they two of you love to do or have been wanting to do together. Step away from the planning, the stress, and the adult life things and get back to the root of your relationship. And then continue that date night habit throughout your marriage.

Keep dancing

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Don’t forget to make time for fun

Just like your relationship needs date night, the two of you need to have fun together as well! Everyday, find something fun to do together. After a wedding planning session, go out for ice cream or sit and watch funny YouTube videos together. Blow off the stress by playing together at the park after a long day, either on the playground like kids or in a field. Stop and dance to your song, send each other jokes or memes throughout the day, and find opportunities to laugh when you’re together. Marriage is a lot of adult life responsibilities, but it doesn’t have to be all serious. You should be able to continue to have fun for the rest of your lives together!

Talk about the tough stuff

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Talk about the tough stuff

I hear from so many couples that they don’t talk about the real life things they’ll be dealing with as a married couple until they have to face them after the wedding. There are conversations that every couple should have before they get married. Talk about your current financial situation and how you plan to manage your money together. Make sure that the two of you are on the same page about intimacy and your expectations. Share which family traditions you want to continue in your own family and what new traditions you want to start together. Click here for even more questions to ask each other while you’re engaged, to make sure you’re on the same page on your wedding day.

As you prepare for your big day together, don’t forget what got you there in the first place. Your relationship with each other is the foundation of your marriage and the family that the two of you are starting together. Don’t neglect your relationship with each other because you’re so focused on making sure your wedding day is perfect. The cake, the playlist, your first dance song, they’re all important wedding details, but in the grand scheme of things, your union is what matters most on that big day. Put your relationship first and everything else will fall into place.

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Enjoying your marriage

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Bio: Amberly Lambertsen has a B.S. in Family Studies and is a Provisionally Certified Family Life Educator. She believes that quality time, traditions and communication help to build a healthy relationship. Amberly wants to inspire other couples to put their marriage first and strive to continually build a better relationship with each other.


  • Alice says:

    In fact planning for marriage and relationships in General is of course a priority! And for small concerns about the celebration, you should not forget about your partner. Here you will find useful tips to avoid mistakes. This will help you stick together through life

  • Lena Peterson says:

    You are so right that people should plan their marriage life in advance as our marriage ended with filling out divorce forms at and that was the only thing we agreed to during our marriage. I respect my ex’s point of view, but I can’t share it. So we could avoid all of the quarrels in our family life if only we could talk about is before the wedding.

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