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Once you’ve said “yes” to your future spouse, it’s time to jump into wedding planning. One huge detail that couples often overlook? Choosing your wedding bands! Your wedding band plays a big role in your overall ring aesthetic, and symbolizes your unconditional love and commitment to one another – no pressure.

We’ve chatted with the experts at Charles & Colvard, creators of made, not mined engagement and bridal fine jewelry, to create this step by step guide for how to select your perfect wedding band. 

Should Your Wedding Band Match Your Engagement Ring?

While there is no rule that your wedding band must match your engagement ring, they will often be worn as a set, so you’ll want to love the way they look together. Whether this means a matching set or complementary rings comes down to your personal preference. 

Traditionally, a matching set has been a popular choice. A matching set typically means the stones are the same cut and size as in your engagement ring, so that  when worn as a set the rings fit together. A newer trend is complementary styles. This means the rings may not match up perfectly, but when worn together the styles mesh well together to create a unique look. You can also opt to create something totally unique to your style by mixing metals or stone shapes.  

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What Styles of Wedding Bands Are Available?

Wedding bands symbolize an unbroken circle of love, and can be categorized into two popular styles – classic bands and eternity bands. Classic bands include stones that wrap halfway around the band, while eternity bands feature stones that wrap all the way around the band.

Both classic bands and eternity bands come in a plethora of styles, metals, and stone shapes. How do you choose between the two? Personal preference! Some criteria you may consider is your engagement ring style, overall jewelry preferences, and if you’ll often be rocking your wedding band on its own. Regardless of your choice – both styles will symbolize your eternal love and commitment to your spouse. 

Bonus Tip: You don’t have to choose just one! Often couples will opt for a classic band and an eternity band. The classic band is traditionally exchanged as part of your wedding ceremony, while the eternity band is given later to commemorate a milestone in your relationship like a wedding anniversary.

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When Should You Buy Your Wedding Band?

You should begin shopping for your wedding band early to ensure you have plenty of time to consider your options, so you can  select something that you truly love. Give yourself a deadline of at least 3 to 5 months prior to your wedding day to have some extra time for delivery and resizing. 

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