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This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

The temperature is dropping and so are the leaves, meaning only one thing: Fall! Summer wedding season is ending but that doesn’t mean your wedding guest obligations have. Many couples skip the typical wedding season and plan their big day in the cooler and more colorful Fall season. Pack away your boho chic wedding guest attire and let’s have some Fall fun!

Fall has its own set of fashion rules sure to make you feel fierce this Fall! Need some tips? We have you covered! Grab a pumpkin latte and check out these stylish tips on what to wear to your next Fall wedding!

Tip For Dressing For A Fall Wedding

Sleeves for a fall wedding


Sleeved dresses are a great option for a wedding in the cooler autumn months! Another spin on this idea? You can pair a cute cardigan with one of your more summery dresses keeping you cozy and it’s also great for your budget. If you do go with a sleeved dress, this option from Magnolia Boutique offers a fun, casual feel and will help keep your arms a little warmer than your go-to summer frock!


Get your sparkle on!

Fall also allows for a more elegant look even if the wedding is pretty laid back. That means it’s time to pull out your bling and shine! One way is to get glitzy with your accessories with these fabulous and sparkly heels from! Glam is always fun so go for the sparkly bling when picking out Fall wedding accessories.

The boots and booties were made for walking (down the aisle!)

This Fall wedding trend will keep your toes nice and warm as you dance the night away. Pair your boots with some adorable tights and you will be ready for a chilled autumn night! We love this look, especially for a Fall barn wedding! Booties are a great option too and super chic with dresses long or short. Knee high boots are also an excellent choice paired with one of your warm weather dresses saving you some money!

Go bold!

Summer is the time for sweet pastels and Fall is the time for bold, rich colors that will make you feel like an Autumn princess! Red is always a good choice when you decide to go bold. You will stand out in the crowd in this scarlet faux wrap dress by Karen Kane from Nordstrom.  OR you could take your cues from nature and pick an orange, brown, or a green dress like this one from Nordstrom or the rust colored dress pictured below from Magnolia Boutique. Those falling leaves will have nothing on you!


Go bold for fall

Tailored and fitted takes over!

Just as it is in life, Summer tends to be more flowy and loose while Fall is a little more structured. Which is great, because there are a ton of amazing sheath dresses that will have you kissing summer goodbye with a smile on your face. Check out this LBD from Macy’s! It’s short and sleeveless so it might be best for an early Fall shindig but it’s a great fitted dress that gives you a much more polished look.

Pants for a fall wedding

Pants are dressy too!

If you aren’t a dress person, then Fall is for you! Who says you need to wear a dress to every wedding you attend? Sometimes you just feel like wearing pants and there are some super sleek and chic options out there. Like this one from Banana Republic. Whether you go with patterned or solid pantsuit or a sexy jumper, you will be sharp and stylish as you get ready to celebrate the happy couple, one leg at a time!


High necklines

It’s a classic and timeless Fall look that you will love! This isn’t just a warmer option, it tends to be a more elegant one making it a great choice for any autumn nuptials. Another perk of the high neck? You don’t really need a necklace. A great pair of earrings and a simple bracelet are all you need, like with this dress from Dillard’s. The neckline offers all of the flair you need making a necklace not vital to wear this sexy, chic style.

Jumpers are in

The jumper makes a comeback!

One of our favorite trends for Fall is layering a dress over a long sleeved shirt! The best part? You can use a dress you already have! pegged this as one of the top trends they saw at this year’s New York Fashion Week! This can be dressed up or down depending on the vibe of your occasion making it a great and versatile option. Layer your dress over a long sleeved blouse for a more formal event or with a black turtleneck and you are good to go!


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What to wear to a fall wedding

This entry is from our Expert Guest series where wedding and honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Here in Nashville, our seasons are a little more defined than some other places in the country. That’s why October is the most popular month to get married in Nashville, and I know it’s a very popular month to get married anywhere in the country! While weather is always unpredictable wherever you are, you can usually count on fall for beautiful weather. But what should you wear to a fall wedding?

The answer is, you really have to be prepared for anything! Usually the days are warmer while the nights get cooler, so a versatile outfit is key! No matter what type of wedding it is, we put together some surefire dresses to wear to a fall wedding.

What To Wear To A Fall Wedding, Regardless Of How Formal It Is

What to wear to a casual wedding


I will say, most weddings in the South are on the casual side. From food truck faire to backyard bashes, the laid-back vibe of Southern culture carries on through our weddings! So what should you wear to a casual fall wedding? Think boho! Long flowing maxi dresses with a print, or a short off the shoulder look with sleeves is perfect for a fall wedding. Pair the look with some ankle boots and make sure you bring a soft flow -y duster if the temperature happens to drop.

For ideas on casual bowlful wedding where, look at the Maywood Dress from Abednego or the Parker Dress from Lizard Thicket.

Here are more casual rules to keep in mind:

  • No matter how casual, don’t wear jeans to a wedding!
  • Style your dress with a funky necklace.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear a hat!
  • Boots are completely acceptable!
  • However, tennis shoes are not acceptable! 🙂
  • Look like you made an effort with your outfit.
  • Don’t show up like you just rolled out of bed!
  • Flats and sandals are totally acceptable.
  • Don’t break out the flip flops until you hit the dance floor!
  • Prints are always more fun!
  • Don’t wear this look to a black tie wedding!

What to wear to a formal wedding


If glitz and glam are on the docket for a fall wedding, (think a grand symphony center wedding or a romantic botanical gardens wedding), bring some darker colors like navy, black, or burgundy into your attire. Bringing interest to your neckline with a unique dress cut is a fun way to still bring some personality to a formal look. You can even take a fashion risk and choose a long mustard tone gown in lace! Be sure to bring a light glitzy cardigan or a soft wrap in case it gets cold at night. 🙂

For ideas, look at Sen Lace Maxi from Moda or the Lace Maxi – Yellow from

More tips to remember:

  • Do not draw attention away from the bride.
  • Take risks with the cuts of your dress, but don’t get too risky.
  • Think tasteful and subdued!
  • Don’t wear a princess dress ball gown unless specified on the invitation.
  • Don’t get crazy with your jewelry choices.
  • Wear a long gown whenever possible.
  • Watch your slit length – remember this is a sophisticated affair!
  • From beaded to sequined, make a statement with your clutch!
  • Don’t completely fret over your shoes – most people won’t see them and you might kick them off on the dance floor.
  • Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. 🙂

Somewhere in between

Somewhere in Between

On a scale of formal to casual, whichever way the wedding may sway, you’re sure to feel comfortable with these two looks! A simple black midi dress with a slit in back or an all-over fall colored lace knee-length number is sure to wow (but not overpower the bride or bridesmaids!). Dress each of these looks up with fun earrings and detailed shoes to take them to the next level!

For ideas, check out the June Lace Dress from Draper James or the Elise Dress from Elizabeth Suzanne.

Here are more items to keep in mind:

  • Don’t wear a completely white dress.
  • Hints of white are totally fine.
  • If ONE of your separates (either your top or skirt) is white, it’s completely ok!
  • If you attend an outdoor wedding, remember your heels may dig into the grass.
  • Remember, your nails, hair,and makeup makes a huge difference in your entire look.
  • Go dark with your lip color if it’s a night wedding.
  • Go dark with your eye color if it’s a day wedding.
  • Leave the fur coat/stole at home (it’s reserved for the bride!)
  • You can also leave the gloves at home as well.
  • Let the bride have her moment.

No matter which look you choose, own it and make it yours! You know your style better than anyone else and whether you’re feeling like you want to take a risk or wear your go-to little black dress, the most important things to do that night are celebrate the couple, enjoy yourself and have FUN!

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