When most people think of a wedding registry, items like towels and fine china are what come to mind. If you love being in the kitchen and cooking a homemade meal, then consider using your registry to take your kitchen skills, and gadgets, up a notch.

It’s time to get your registry started and upgrade your kitchen with our Kitchen Starter Registry!

Cooking Basics

If the kitchen tends to be the place you spend the most time in your house, you may already own many of these items. But don’t overlook the basics. Think of your registry as an opportunity to double-check that you’ve covered the basics and to upgrade or replace some of the older items you currently have.

Executive Chef Status

This is where the fun starts. Now that you know you have the basics, let’s get you some of the fancier gadgets that will help you live out your chef dreams.

Just For Fun

The products above were strictly for cooking delicious dishes. But how about adding some extra fun to your next get-together? Or upping your at-home bartender or barista game?


Jordyn Coppola

Jordyn Coppola has been a member of Honeyfund's Marketing Team since 2018. Her #1 goal is to always make sure our couples are happy and have a great experience. She currently resides in sunny Florida with her three dogs. She has traveled all over the East Coast and hopes to explore the West Coast in the near future.

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