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5 Reasons Why Europe is Perfect for the Adventurous Couple

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Looking for the secret to fulfilling your wanderlust on your honeymoon?  Here are 5 reasons why Europe is the perfect place for you:

  1. Scotland
  2. Ireland
  3. England
  4. France
  5. Italy

Europe with Groupon

Europe combines romance and history in some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Book one or more of these European favorites with Groupon Getaways in an all-inclusive honeymoon trip of a lifetime!

Scotland & Ireland

If you crave legends of grand castles and myths, you’ll adore a visit to Scotland and Ireland.  Their emerald-hued beauty is yours to explore during this 8- or 10-day vacation from Great Value Vacations. After flying into Edinburgh, you’ll be free to hop from town to town in your included rental car. You’ll stay at your choice of bed and breakfasts along the way before flying home out of Dublin. Choose one of this deal’s upgrade options and you’ll also get admission to famous sites including the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle.

England & Italy

If you enjoy the prestigious beauty of historic art and architecture, or you long for exquisite cuisine and elegance, you’ll love 8 days in England and Italy.  Here’s an idea: Split your time between London, famed for its world-class museums, and Rome, for its ancient roots. There’s no itinerary for this 8-day vacation, so you’re free to plan your days yourself.

England, Italy & France

If you want it all — travel, romance, history and culture — then a trip to England, Italy and France is all you need.  Experience the tastiest English cuisines, swoon over ancient Italian art and fall in love with the romance of France.  Visit the city’s main attractions and watch a musical or play at London’s West End or stop by the Trevi Fountain to ensure you’ll return to Italy sometime again and even visit the Louvre in France for a chance to see the Mona Lisa.

Need to explore more destinations? Visit Groupon Getaways and find the honeymoon destination your wanderlust needs.



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