Wedding Websites

Introducing the
New & Improved
Honeyfund Pages

Now your Honeyfund page can be either a full wedding website or a simple registry where you can receive cash for your honeymoon, wedding, or a home down payment — anything you're saving for.

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Match Your Wedding Style

Select from a curated collection of truly unique templates or mix-and-match designs to fit your personal wedding style. With the fast and easy website builder, your fully customized site can be ready in just a few clicks. You can even build your entire page on your phone!

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Designed with Guests & Giving in Mind

The new Honeyfund page is a 1-page wonder that can be set up in minutes — and if you choose to use it as a wedding website, it's the only one designed with guests and gift-giving in mind.

Guests want easy access to three pieces of info about your wedding: when, where and what to give. That’s why our design focuses on simplicity, avoiding endless pages that can take hours to complete.

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Cash-Powered & Flexible

As the most trusted cash gifting site for honeymoons, wedding costs, down payments, charities and more, we’ve helped more than a million couples make their newlywed dreams come true with our easy-to-use registry platform.

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