National Honeymoon Day — August 14

National Honeymoon Day celebrates what happens after the wedding. It's about keeping the honeymoon going, long after the vows have been exchanged and guests have gone home.

At Honeyfund, we've long known that honeymoons play a special role in a marriage — they serve as a springboard for the special and intimate connection that keeps a couple in love for the long term. So we created Honeymoon Day to remind couples to keep love alive. Valentine’s Day reminds us to appreciate our partners once a year, but National Honeymoon Day — 6 months later — reminds us to create intimacy and connection in everyday life as a way of keeping honeymoon feelings alive throughout a marriage.

In an independent study of 1,000 married couples, we discovered just how important travel and honeymoons are to lasting marriages. Couples who took a honeymoon are happier in their marriages.


Didn’t take a honeymoon? Honeymoon Day is the time to plan the trip that got away. Of those surveyed who didn’t take a honeymoon, the majority cited finances as the reason. Honeyfund is here to help you take the honeymoon of your dreams and create the honeymoon that never ends. Create a Honeyfund honeymoon registry so friends and family can help support your marriage by starting you off on the right foot with the honeymoon of your dreams. Anniversaries are a great time to start a Honeyfund!

For those who took a memorable honeymoon: take this day as your reminder to plan your next romantic getaway with your partner. Or do something special together that reminds you of your honeymoon. Did you lounge on a beach sipping fruity cocktails together? Then make some time on Honeymoon Day to break out the blender and lounge chairs for a little trip down memory lane. Did you wander through the streets of Paris? Open a bottle of French wine and plan your next travel adventure. Even if you can’t make it to the City of Light, you can evoke the feeling of your honeymoon with a date night to your local French restaurant.

Create a Honeyfund honeymoon registry or tell an engaged friend about Honeyfund today.