Honeyfund and Target have partnered to take your wedding registry to the next level with honeymoon and experience giving!

Sign up for Honeyfund and effortlessly integrate your Target registry in just one click. You get to register for home items from Target and customizable cash funds with Honeyfund, and your guests get the convenience of one-stop shopping. It's a win-win for your wedding.


How To Add Your Target Registry to Your Honeyfund


As of February 1st, 2023 new Honeyfund items cannot be added to Target registry pages. If you already have Honeyfund items on your Target registry, you will still be able to receive those funds but will not be able to add new items.

How to Receive Your Gifts

Receive funds by your choice of zero-fee options or receive the funds to your bank account for a low fee. There are zero fees for gift givers.

Honeyfund Wallet



Choose to receive your gifts fee-free through Venmo, PayPal, or digital gift cards from a network of nearly 200 of travel, dining, and entertainment partners.

Bank Account


+ $0.59 fee

Receive your Honeyfund gifts as cash directly into your bank account.