We are beyond excited to have so many loving faces all in the same place to celebrate us two coming together. Both of us have led very interesting lives separately and I’m confident it willl be no different in our marriage. As most of you know, we aren’t the kind to shop around for anything new and more often than not, find most everything we own in junk stores and antique shops.


We both agree that your presence at our wedding is by far the greatest gift of them all, but if you’re feeling inclined to give us some support in the first chapter of our lives together we absolutely welcome that love.


We have plenty of dreams together, from our upcoming honeymoon to taking steps toward buying a home. If you are in a position to give and find yourself doing so, we greatly appreciate you.


Again, what we want most of all is for you to be there and celebrate with us.


With all of our junk store love,


Kyle Craft and Lydia Thomas


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Contact Lydia Thomas via e-mail or via phone at 318-572-9602.

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