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These are real couples who've used Honeyfund. Read their reviews of how it worked for them. We feel so warm and fuzzy knowing we helped make these dream honeymoons a reality. We can't wait to do the same for you!

Sameer & Nita went to Africa with an extra $25,000

Sameer and NitaWhat we did with our Honeyfund: We planned an awesome 17 day honeymoon in South Africa, Rwanda & Kenya and itemized every element. Passes for gorilla trekking, hiking boots, massages, dinners and even vaccinations! We uploaded pictures for each item, to really give our guests a feeling of buying something tangible, rather than giving cash. They loved it! And we did too. We got to use our gifts for memories we'll always cherish.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We were living in an apartment and had all the kitchen products we needed. Filling a registry for a future house seemed quite frankly silly. This was WAY more useful for us. Most people buy gifts online, so by putting a picture next to ALL our items, it was a comparable experience to online shopping. We did hear from a lot of doubters that they loved our Honeyfund site.

What our guests thought: Loved it. We had to add more items as it filled up! They thought it was real creative.

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Karli & McKell went to Kauai with an extra $3,500

Karli and McKellWhat we did with our Honeyfund: We paid for the whole trip—the fancy hotel, the helicopter rides, and scuba and windsurfing lessons.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We didn't want or need any more stuff. Ideally, we didn't want gifts at all, but people seemed to really want to give gifts, so we signed up for a honeymoon registry.

What our guests thought: Our guests reacted very positively.

Why we liked Honeyfund: We chose Honeyfund over other honeymoon services because it didn't charge fees or limit us to using a website travel agency, which seemed to be the case for other honeymoon registry websites. We liked that it gave us a lot of freedom to not only pick exactly what we wanted but also to express it creatively on the website. It let our personalities come through. Thanks for the great service.

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Billy & Pat went to St. John with an extra $3,580

Billy and PatWhat we did with our Honeyfund: We had a list of that we wanted to experience during our honeymoon on St. John. Each day began and ended with ease knowing that all of the gifts from our loved ones were making it possible. Having a rental Jeep to explore the island privately together was by far the most amazing gift, whether anyone specifically funded that one item, it still felt like a gift from everyone.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We chose the honeymoon registry because our friends and it allowed family to really connect with us and our experiences and share their love and support. Plus, we lived in New York City and didn't have much room for any physical gifts or home furnishings.

What our guests thought: Everyone found it very easy to use and it helped them feel like they were giving a special gift versus writing a check.

Why we liked Honeyfund: We had some wonderful viewers of our YouTube channel send us gifts through Honeyfund, which was such a surprise. Having a way for them to share in our special day was a nice.

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Whitney & Rob went to Greece with an extra $3,500

Whitney and RobertWhat we did with our Honeyfund: All our Honeyfund funds were put towards our amazing honeymoon traveling around Greece. We had dinners paid for, activities and airfare!

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We have been living together for a few years prior to being married, so we didn't want to receive traditional wedding gifts. We enjoy traveling and thought this was the perfect opportunity to help us in having the honeymoon trip of a lifetime.

What our guests thought: Our guests loved it! They enjoyed being able to select specific excursions, meals, or contribute to an idea they suggest we do while in Greece. Our guests became quite interactive with us in offering ideas for our trip!

Why we liked Honeyfund: Easy to use, enjoyed the quality of the premium service. Loved adding pictures to our site.

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Steven & Marita went to London with an extra $3,500

Steven and MaritaWhat we did with our Honeyfund: Our Honeyfund funds made our dream honeymoon to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London a reality! Tickets to two Olympic events (Beach Volleyball and Women's Gymnastics), a tour of London, two plays in the West End theatre district, Madame Tussaud's Museum, a day trip to Windsor Castle, Bathe, & Stonehenge, the Harry Potter Backlot Studio tour, countless rides on the Tube and many late night pub meals!

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry:We chose a honeymoon registry because it was a creative way to allow our guests to participate and choose where they wanted their generous gift to go towards our new adventure as a married couple. The registry items that we had available ranged from $20 (ie a pub meal) - $100 (a ticket to a play) which could fit almost any budget!

What our guests thought:Our guests thought the idea was fresh, creative, and accessible.

Why we liked Honeyfund: Thank you for creating an online platform for newlyweds to have the opportunity to fulfill their first adventure as Mr. & Mrs!

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Jessica & Geoffrey went to Greece with an extra $2,600

Jessica and GeoffreyWhat we did with our Honeyfund: We didn't plan anything that we couldn't afford—but our Honeyfund meant we had less to worry about on our honeymoon.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We got married in New England, but we live in California. Transporting physical gifts was a hassle, but so was sharing this information by word of mouth—our families were too spread out. Honeyfund made it more comfortable and personal for family not accustomed to giving financial gifts.

What our guests thought: Most of our guests thought Honeyfund was great and fun. Especially our younger friends, who already use PayPal and weren't interested in traditional wedding gifts like towels, etc.

Why we liked Honeyfund: It took us no time to set up. Most of our guests found it easy to use, even older people who are not internet savvy. We didn't really consider any other services, once we found out most had a service charge. We weren't interested in charging guests for their money.

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Maya & Kelly went to Thailand with an extra $5,800

Maya and KellyWhat we did with our Honeyfund:We took a dream honeymoon! 3 weeks in Thailand couldn't have been more perfect.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: After all the expenses of our wedding, we would never have been able to take the trip we really wanted. We also didn't have any need for a traditional registry for household items, as we had already acquired everything we've needed throughout our relationship. A long relaxing vacation together was the ultimate wedding gift, and those memories we made are far more valuable to us.

What our guests thought: Everyone seemed to appreciate how easy it was to contribute to our honeymoon. No confusion at all, even for our older non-tech savvy relatives!

Why we liked Honeyfund:We thought honeyfund was excellent! Simple, effective, efficient, and fun! So happy we decided to go that route.

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Tony & Meredith went to Africa with an extra $9,300

Tony and MeredithWhat we did with our Honeyfund:We used our Honeyfund money to travel to Africa, seeing multiple countries over a month long trip.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: Having lived together for more than a year before we got married, we already had a household worth of belongings. Instead of receiving more stuff to fit into our cramped apartment, we felt our gifts would be more special if they helped us see a part of the world we otherwise would never be able to afford on our own.

What our guests thought:Most of our guests were perfectly happy to help us go on such a wonderful adventure together; those who weren't gave us traditional gifts. Close to 80 percent of our gifts came through Honeyfund.

Why we liked Honeyfund:Thank you for making honeymoon registry so easy to use for us and our friends and family.

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Robert & Kili went on a Balearic Island/Mediterranean Cruise with an extra $5,300

Robert and KiliWhat we did with our Honeyfund: With the extra money we were able to pay for our vacation in full and attend excursions for every port city. Additionally, upon our return we were able to buy some furniture for our house and replenish diminished savings.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: It was the perfect option for receiving gifts that we needed and could really use. Kili is from California and I am from Washington, DC. Because of Honeyfund our guests didn't have to lug gifts cross-country or worry about shipping. We didn't have to make one return or worry about lost gift receipts.

What our guests thought: Our guests were rather open to the concept of a honeymoon registry. Most had never heard of such a thing, but they quickly caught on to the concept. I believe many of our guests chose gifts that they wanted to experience or that fit their taste, just as if they were shopping in a department store.

Why we liked Honeyfund: We chose Honeyfund because of the flexibility it offered our guests. About half used the PayPal option and the rest printed their Honeyfund certificate and included it with their wedding cards. In researching Honeyfund, I immediately felt our guests would be comfortable and safe using the site. Honeyfund also provided the most help and advice in terms of the proper etiquette that should be used for requesting such gifts. We loved the ability to update and add gifts at a moment's notice. The sample registries were extremely helpful, especially since we hadn't received our itinerary and excursion packet from our cruise line when we set up our Honeyfund. I also like the personalized correspondence with When I had questions they were immediately answered with genuine concern and a personal touch.

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Sarah & Patrick went to Costa Rica with an extra $5,000

What we did with our Honeyfund: The extra money allowed us to stay at amazing resorts in three different regions of Costa Rica. We splurged on spa services, private tours, and fine dining that aren't typically a part of our traveling plans.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We already lived together and had all the kitchen gadgets, towels, and bed sheets we could possibly need. Our true passion is traveling, but we typically do it 'budget' style. A honeymoon registry allowed us to travel in a 'once-in-a-lifetime' kind of way.

What our guests thought: The response to our registry was overwhelmingly positive! Initially we were concerned that our older guests would think it was tacky. To the contrary, many of our guests couldn't wait to talk to us about what they had bought off our registry! We are making photo postcards of our trip to use as thank-you notes since everyone at the wedding was requesting a picture of us enjoying their gift. Out of 150 guests we only ended up with five physical gifts.

Why we liked Honeyfund: We shopped ALL the other online honeymoon registries and weren't happy with the fees they charged (either to us or to our guests). Our travel agent offered a free honeymoon registry, but it was much less user-friendly than Honeyfund. We really enjoyed writing the descriptions of the gifts we requested. A little bit of humor seemed to help sell the items! We were able to see what our guests were buying and add more if needed. We also enjoyed the freedom of listing gifts at price points all our guests could afford. Now that we are at the 'thank-you notes' phase, we are really appreciating the ability to track who gave us what.

Thank goodness we found Honeyfund! No fees, complete control over gift descriptions, and the ability to transfer funds when we really needed them. Don't change a thing—you have a brilliant concept that provides an unbeatable service to non-traditional brides and grooms.

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Denise & Andy went to the Cook Islands and Fiji with an extra $3,500

Andy and DeniseWhat we did with our Honeyfund: We planned a three-week, activity-intense honeymoon, staying at nice places. We knew it would be pricey, and without a honeymoon registry we would be tempted to skimp on things. We wanted an awesome honeymoon and that’s exactly what we had.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We had recently moved in together and consolidated two households into one. We didn’t need or want any more stuff, but we were dead-set on an awesome honeymoon that we would remember forever.

What our guests thought: They loved it. Their response was overwhelmingly positive and they enjoyed reading about what we planned to do on our honeymoon—really cool activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting, a helicopter ride, Americas Cup sailing adventure, etc. We expected guests to be skeptical about providing money for a honeymoon, but just one relative was. That person happily purchased from our Bed, Bath & Beyond registry.

Why we liked Honeyfund: It's independent, elegant, exceptionally well-designed and well-run. And free. What else you can ask for? I wish all businesses were this awesome. Did I mention that it doesn’t cost anything?

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Greg & Liz went to Belize with an extra $4,000

Greg and LizWhat we did with our Honeyfund: We were able to pay for the whole trip.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We had a full house of material possessions, but we were short on money to travel. We also didn't want to be greedy and focused on material things. A honeymoon registry seemed like the perfect idea, since we knew wedding guests would want to give something, and if we didn't have a registry at all it would make people uncomfortable.

What our guests thought: Our guests reacted very positively. We used to make a website where we put a link to our registry. That way, we didn't have to say anything in the invitation, but people could find the registry info if they wanted it.

Why we liked Honeyfund: Honeyfund is free, easy to set up, it's very simple to make donations, and we could receive PayPal payments with only a slight cost. All the other honeymoon registries required some kind of commission or percentage of the gifts. Honeyfund is a great bargain—I don't know how they do it!

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Mindee & Graham went to Argentina with an extra $3,500

Mindee and GrahamWhat we did with our Honeyfund: We paid for the whole trip and had a bit leftover to cover part of the wedding expenses. We also put the money that we'd saved for the honeymoon towards paying for the wedding, which eased the burden on our pocketbooks quite a bit.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We're in our thirties and both had complete households when we moved in together. We didn't need more "stuff," we needed an amazing honeymoon. Especially since we paid for the wedding ourselves, the added financial help made a big difference.

What our guests thought: They said, "Oh, what a great idea!!" and took pride in giving us specific pieces of our honeymoon. "Enjoy your massage!" "Think of me when you're dancing the tango!" It was a lot of fun for both us and them. They knew they were basically just giving us money, but it made the experience much more personal and felt more like giving us a gift than giving us a check.

Why we liked Honeyfund: It was very customizable and user-friendly. Our registry was fully up and running in less than 2 hours. Plus when we had questions, the folks at Honeyfund were very quick to answer them and very pleasant in their responses. We looked at, which some friends of ours had used. Honeyfund was free, which, made a huge difference. We also loved the ease of use, the complete customizability, the look of the website, and the ability for people to pay us directly through Paypal. Thank you so much for the great website—it really helped us enjoy a stress-free honeymoon!!

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Kate & Dan went to Japan with an extra $6,000

Kate and DanWhat we did with our Honeyfund: Because we were being treated, we could stay at nice hotels, eat at nice restaurants, and we didn't have to worry about stretching every dollar.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry: We couldn't afford this honeymoon otherwise!

What our guests thought: Most people loved the idea because they're giving a memory which we can share with them later.

Why we liked Honeyfund: We considered using a travel agency, but they took a percentage, plus we would have to contact them every time we had to change our plans. Honeyfund let us keep all the money and make whatever changes we wanted, whenever we wanted. Our favorite part is that it actually helped us plan out our trip. We used our Honeyfund list as our itinerary. We'd take it out whenever we had a meal and we'd say "Mr. and Mrs. So and So bought us this." We are VERY appreciative for this great site. We're telling everyone we know about it!

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