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Enjoy luxurious resort accommodations and fine dining experiences in the middle of the Pacific. Oh yeah, and swim with the dolphins!

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Item Requested Remaining Price

Round Trip Air Fare

Help us pay for our flight from LA to the South Pacific and back

30 30 $80.00

All Suite Resort Tahiti

Our first night in this luxurious Resort Suite!

4 4 $100.00

Ferry Ride to Moorea

A half hour transfer by ferry to Moorea

2 2 $40.00

Moorea Lagoon Resort

Five nights in our own overwater bungalow

20 20 $100.00

Champagne in our room

Upon arrival in Moorea we'll treat ourselves to a champagne toast!

2 2 $50.00

Romantic Dinner

Treat us to a gourmet dinner each night at our luxurious Moorea resort

10 10 $60.00

Swim with Dolphins

We will swim and play with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins!

2 2 $120.00

Day trip to Moorea Lagoon

At Moorea Lagoon we will explore the island's unique underwater world of corals and shells, and a enjoy rare opportunity to feed sharks and rays. Includes a picnic lunch.

2 2 $95.00

Flight to Bora Bora

Get us to Bora Bora where we'll spend the second half of our dream honeymoon!

5 5 $100.00

Bora Bora Resort and Spa

Five nights in a deluxe overwater villa

28 28 $75.00

Breakfast in a Canoe

Treat us to breakfast in a canoe!

2 2 $60.00

Tahitian Massage

We'll both experience the joy of Tahitian Massage, a fusion of traditional and modern Polynesian massage techniques

2 2 $125.00

Shark Feeding Tour

We'll explore the barrier reef and see black tipped shark feed!

2 2 $165.00

Dinner Out

We'll have dinner at one of the most popular restaurants in Bora Bora

2 2 $80.00

Bora Bora Safari Tour

An exploration of the mountains, valleys, colors and scenery of beautiful Bora Bora

4 4 $65.00

Jet Ski Island Tour and Snorkeling

A circle island tour of Bora Bora by jet ski. We'll stop at all the best snorkeling spots!

2 2 $95.00

Gift Certificates

Tell us what you would do!

10 10 $50.00

Charitable Donation

We would love to donate to a local cause while traveling in the South Pacific

20 20 $30.00

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