Hello friends and family,

We are honored you will share in our special day. Your presence is our gift!


We're lucky to already have a home full of pretty much everything we need- we have a few random items on the registry that would be nice to have, but there genuinely aren't many items that we need or have space for in our home. Therefore, we have turned to this forum- if you would like to give us a gift, we would love to put your contribution toward making our dreams come true!


We have two main components to this somewhat unorthodox registry, in addition to a handful of traditional items.


The first has to do with the future of our home. Tyson has been working on our house with his own two little paws for a long time. The last major undertaking is the kitchen. Most couples register for kitchen items when they get married. Not surprisingly, we have *all* of the kitchen stuff already :) So we have all of this awesome stuff... but not the space to store it, nor the proper equipment to fully run it. Your generous gift will go towards a full remodel, including (but not limited to: a new stove, refrigerator, a much-needed dishwasher(!), cupboards, and a slate countertop. All gifts to this fund come with a coupon for a home-cooked dinner that you can cash in any time you want to stop by ;)


Second, many of the individual items you see go towards our dream of visiting the UK and Italy. This is a trip we were thinking about- first individually, and now together- for a very long time! *UPDATE* - We did take this trip in June and it was spectacular!! We had to take it in the summer before the wedding, as this was the only time Erica could take three weeks off of work. All of the remaining registry items are things that we actually did do/see/eat. If you would still like to contribute, we would very much appreciate any gifts that would help to offset the cost of the trip.


Finally, we do have some more traditional items (mainly cooking-related, not surprisingly :) ).


Again- we genuinely appreciate your love and support and we are incredibly excited to see you on our big day!



Tyson & Erica

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Luckenbach Mill, Bethlehem, PA  18018 (map)

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Luckenbach Mill, Bethlehem, PA  18018 (map)

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Contact Erica Schneid via e-mail or via phone at 210-385-2852.

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