Mexico, Spain, Bali, Japan

We love adventures!


Hello friends and family,


We are honored you will share in our special day. Your presence is our gift!


We're lucky to already have a home full of everything we need (seriously--we stop at every flea market we see). But we would so love if you could contribute to our travel fund.


We've done pretty well exploring America together--Toronto, Ithaca, NY, New Mexico, all over California, and we are slowly ticking off all the national parks. But we've never traveled overseas together! And after so much pandemic time together in our house, that's what we are especially craving.


This has been the most emotionally intense year of our lives, so before we venture off anywhere else, we'll head to Puerto Vallarta in September to turn our brains off and collapse. But we hope to do a big trip next year (somewhere, anywhere!) and your gifts will help determine where we go.


We've also got some other things on here, like a new house fund, because we'd like to do that in a few years. Thank you for all the love and support and we can't wait to see you in August!


Love, Amanda and Sarah

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Angelus Oaks, CA  

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Angelus Oaks, CA  

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Contact Sarah and Amanda via e-mail or via phone at 323-598-0412.

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Mexico, Spain, Bali, Japan

We love adventures!