Dearest Friends and Family,


We feel blessed that you will share our special day with us. Thank you very much for being an important part of each of our lives. We are looking forward to joining our extended families together into one big happy family.


Fortunately, we got really lucky that we are able to move to our new duty station in Virginia Beach right after we get married! Our plan is to rent a house that is also for sale in the hopes of buying it and settling in there because we both love VA Beach and there is work there.


We would love to be able to nest with everything we need when we move, but of course that can be difficult when moving around has been the norm for so long.


Please enjoy browsing our wish list. If you want to contribute to making our dreams come true, helping us make a home where we can take on the world, relax when we aren't hustling outside of it, enjoy being newlyweds and our hobbies, we'd appreciate that too.


Thanks for visiting and we can't wait to see you on our big day!

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Contact Kristen Mae Lee via e-mail or via phone at 8603266107.

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