Italy, Greece, and Spain

Our honeymoon


Hello friends and family,


We are honored you will share in our special day, albeit virtually. We're lucky to already have a home full of everything we need, so please enjoy browsing our Honeyfund wish list, where you can contribute funds to our dream honeymoon!


Feel free to contact us via the link below if you need more info about how it works.


Our dream honeymoon would begin with a flight to Italy, which will serve as the springboard to traveling to Greece and Spain, as well as other European countries. In each of these countries, we are hoping to enjoy the specialties that the countries offer. We would also like to connect with locals so that we can experience the country as authentically as possible.


Thank you!



Kat & Javi

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Chicago, IL  

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Contact Javier Sanchez via e-mail or via phone at 847-207-7422.

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Italy, Greece, and Spain

Our honeymoon