Portugal, Spain

Spanish Honeymoon Adventure!


Hello friends and family,


We are so excited to finally be married! Thank you for the encouragement; your well wishes and presence are a gift to us.


We're grateful to have a cozy home full of everything we need, but we're planning on taking a vacation - a real *non-working* trip! - to celebrate this new chapter of our lives. We've decided on a romantic, exotic "Spanish Honeymoon" to Spain and Portugal where we'll eat all the food, drink all the wine, and hear all the beautiful, heart-rending music we can endure. If you'd like to help get us to Portugal and Spain, browse our wish list where you can contribute to our dream honeymoon (no work allowed!)


Thanks for thinking of us! We're over the moon.





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Updated 6 years ago

13 days and counting...we are scrambling like mad to get all of our work done before the honeymoon so that we can truly, really relax while we're overseas. To make things even more complicated, we're returning to NYC on Oct. 16 and performing 7 dates on the East Coast before returning to KC. For any self-employed folks like us - you know what it means to be gone for nearly a month. Whew! Lots to do. But - we are SO EXCITED. Thanks to all for your great suggestions and for sharing your experiences in Spain and Portugal. Our list of our friends "favorite places" is long and rich. We won't get to see everything, but I know we're going to have the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you!

Posted by Erin & Jeff

September 13 at 5:25am

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Updated 6 years ago

Oh my gosh, friends! It's 40 DAYS until we leave for our #SpanishHoneymoon!

We are feeling so grateful to all of you for helping us make this dream a reality. We're going to travel *unlike* we travel for work here in the USA. Meaning, we've got the flights booked, the first and last few days booked, and the rental car reserved. Beyond that - we have a map filled with exciting suggestions for places to stay and things to do based on recommendations from friends who have been and a couple of great guidebooks. We've got a rough plan of our route, but we're really planning to *not plan too much* and let the adventure happen. I have to say - it's thrilling to think of it! We'll be posting updates here and on our website Blog (www.victorandpenny.com/blog). We promise to raise a toast to all of you in thanks from under a Spanish moon. Stay tuned and please know, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. LOVE, e+j

Posted by Erin & Jeff

August 25 at 1:47pm

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Erin McGrane — 6 years ago

Thank you, friends!

Lance Greenfield — 6 years ago

Sandy and I wish you a wonderful (and safe) trip of a lifetime...we look forward to seeing you in Reno 2018!

Tristan Ludlow — 6 years ago

Lovely photo. Well deserved for the #hardestworkingmusicians

Updated 7 years ago

Oh wow!! We just booked our flights for our #SpanishHoneymoon!! We're leaving at the end of September and we'll be gone 17 days. We. Can't. Wait. This is our first non-working, non-family vacation trip together ever and we are so excited!! Thank you all so much helping us make our dream come true. We're starting to plan all the things we'll do when we're there -- keep those ideas coming. Stay tuned...
THANK YOU! love, erin + jeff

Posted by Erin & Jeff

May 30 at 4:38pm

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Mike Vaszari — 7 years ago

A lifetime of happiness was worth waiting for!

Michael Grimaldi — 7 years ago

Non-working, yes, but I'll bet the passion of the culture -- musical and otherwise -- will inspire you. See you this summer.

Tristan Ludlow — 7 years ago

¡Olé! The only word you need to know.

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Portugal, Spain

Spanish Honeymoon Adventure!