Hello friends and family!

We are so excited to share our special day with you out in New Orleans. We already have all we need to fill our house. But we would be very excited to have a little honeymoon together and if you'd were wondering about a gift , any donation you'd like to make would be a great gift for us.

Life with a touring musician means lots of van adventures and exhausted cats but very little time off. We have never gotten to go on a real vacation together to sight see & relax. It would be amazing to get to do this.

But most of all our dream is dancing down the street with you all in NOLA getting our friends and family together to meet and sharing a day into night with you all full of music, celebration, crawfish, revelry & love.

Thanks for visiting and we can't wait to see you on our big day!

Wedding Details

Reception Location:

Maple Leaf Bar, 8316 Oak St, New Orleans, LA  70118 (map)

Suggested Guest Accommodations:

More Information:

Wedn. May 17 we would love for you to make your way to New Orleans to celebrate with us in New Orleans. Jason & I are so excited to be spending our lives together in a city we love so much & we are so eager to share this moment with you. New Orleans is a place that knows how to celebrate & we will also be right in the midst of crawfish season in May so we will be taking advantage of both those things. We ask that you come dressed as you like & ready to celebrate. We will be having a reception & crawfish boil at 4pm at Maple Leaf bar & the Frenchy Gallery next door. We will then have a short ceremony and make our way to street for a traditional New Orleans second line parade down Oak street. Then we will be opening up the night at Maple Leaf bringing some of our favorite New Orleans musicians to play, sing & dance into the night. Since Jason & I have been together for quite a while now & we've collected more than what we need to fill our home but if you are inclined a gift of anything in this little account will help us either with a bed frame we have dreamed of or an exciting little getaway together once our celebration is through. Please know either way you coming out & loving the New Orleans night with us is what we would like most.

Contact Us

Contact Kaitlin Dibble via e-mail or via phone at 7812344588.

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Updated 3 years ago

Getting ready in NOLA to celebrate. 8 big tissue paper flowers done. More on the way!

Posted by Jason & Kaitlin

April 29 at 5:19pm

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Jerry Zaferatos — 3 years ago

We will be there!

Updated 3 years ago

Jason is off in Florida playing music & I'm busily preparing for the celebration back in NOLA. Last week our friend Missy surprised Jason & I with this beautiful painting. Notice the caped Vestaire.

Posted by Jason & Kaitlin

April 29 at 5:11pm

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