Our girl Nina--free and bright and kind--is facing a life challenge* that none of us wants to have to face. During a quarantine. While working full time. With a distance-learning kindergartener at home. It's ridiculous really.


It'll be a ride, and no one can take that away. Anyone who can read Evie bedtime stories (germ-free) will undoubtably be doing so. (Especially Paul, who is fully supportive of Nina and Evie.) I know many others are looking for ways to support Nina from afar.


Sharing from personal experience, cancer is EXPENSIVE, even with medical insurance. (And I had someone onsite 24-7 who could handle anything I didn’t feel up to.) Nina’s situation is different. She can’t just duck out of the house for treatments without finding COVID-safe solutions to childcare, rides, etc. It’s complicated.


So the great news is that, distance and COVID aside, there are *many ways* we can support her. Some ideas are below, based on Nina’s thoughts at this time. But please feel free to roll your own as well. It’s all meaningful.


My personal goal is simple. I want enough of a slush that if Nina can think of ANYTHING that would lighten her load (childcare, home maintenance) or reduce her stress (even wuwu spiritual stuff), she won’t think twice about paying for it. Especially given her non-paying tenant situation.


Cancer treatment is stressful and sloggy. But our girl is a bright light. And there ‘aint no disease that can dim that, not on our watch.


*Wedding, no. Cancer, yes. mid-grade, aggressive, lobular breast cancer. But you probably already knew that, right?

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