We made it through our first year together. Some of you traditionalists might even call it our paper anniversary. And boy, do we believe in recycling our greatest hits.


So we're back for another year! And so excited that FemTechNet has found our spiritual home at the Allied Media Conference. We're hosting another network gathering!


We're re-committing to the struggle, to each other, and to joy in the face of the dumpster fire we're trudging through.


We are committing ourselves to collaborative work; to regularly acknowledge contributions in an effort to avoid reproducing institutionally oppressive strategies wherein the literal and affective labor burdens are shouldered by those marginalized because of their race, class, gender, employment status, geographic location, or other precarious statuses; to support our individual careers and professionalization practices through documenting our work; to care for one another; and to situate our varied skills, research foci, and activism.


Will you help us throw the best FemTechNet Network Gathering ever?


What to do: Decide how much $$ you want to donate to us (it's tax deductible!). We've left some general wishlist items in the registry. Once you select your items, choose the "AMC Network Gathering Donation Form" and pay through that link. More instructions there! You can either write a check or pay by credit card. Or just go straight to our donation page at:


We love you! Thank you!

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