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Thanks for considering a contribution to our honeymoon fund. Gifts are entirely and totally optional... the true gift is seeing you at our wedding!


We are currently planning to do a road trip through France and Italy, and our goal is to go see the Monaco F1 race. Due to timing and Coronavirus, our plans might change a little, but if we are unable to do Monaco we will aim for the French or Italian Grand Prix.


If you want to skip the hassle of using a for-fee site like this one (meaning they take a % of whatever you give us), please consider a Venmo with the hashtag #Amir&SallyHoneymoonFund and tell us what you want us to spend it on. Is that tacky has heck? Yes (and we're sorry mom), but we have lived together for a while and already designed our dream kitchen together. Plus, have you met Amir? He has already bought whatever fancy gadgets he wants.

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