In part four of our series exploring the Galápagos Islands for your Adventure-moon, you won’t believe what we’ve learned about the exotic wildlife there!

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Thanks to a lack of natural predators on the islands, you can get up close and personal with a variety of friendly wildlife — from playful sea lions to waved albatross birds. Albatrosses mate for life, which makes their mating dance an amazing site to see!

Their life-long commitment comes through in this dance, it’s how they choose their one and only for life! The courtship ritual is a very elusive and spectacular sight, which makes it a special experience to behold on your adventure-moon.

See the Video of Albatrosses from Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic:

There may even be some drama!

Sometimes more aggressive males end up chasing off rivals who try to step in and interfere in the dance. Both the sounds and movements can be a bit comical at times.

And the adventures don’t stop. You can get cozy with a cocktail, view the underwater wildlife, take a kayak ride for two to experience eye-level encounters with the wildlife, head off on a scenic, sunset cruise on the Zodiac landing craft, or stand-up paddleboard side-by-side as you float through the unspoiled, azure ocean.

Oh, and animals pose for their portraits (sea lions are beyond camera-worthy adorable!) or simply allow you to get close enough to make amazing images¦ literally non-stop. And, there’s even a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor aboard each expedition ship – these pros will help you go home with GREAT photos!

Experiencing the mesmerizing beauty of the Galápagos Islands and all it has to offer is guaranteed to create a lasting memory that will stick with you and your partner for years (and anniversaries!) to come.

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Best time to see these mating rituals: April-December

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Happy Adventure-mooning!

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