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Your wedding is now approaching fast, and it doesn’t get more real than putting your wedding invitations in the post! In your haste to announce your big day, it can be easy to lose your way in the complicated world of wedding stationery and to be caught out by common mistakes when it comes to wedding invitation etiquette!

Your personalized wedding invitations will set the tone for your big day, so it is worth getting them right! That is why Atelier Rosemood, purveyors of personalised wedding stationery and photo books, are here to share some of the most common wedding invitation mistakes to help make sure that creating and sending your wedding invitations remains an exciting and enjoyable part of your wedding planning experience.

Wedding invitation Mistakes To Avoid

wedding invitation1)  Leaving your wedding invitations to the last minute

Remember that your guests will need plenty of notice to organise coming to your wedding, so the first fatal error to avoid is sending out your invitations too late! Sending your invites out earlier can be the difference between your loved ones being able to attend your big day and having to miss out because of other work or family commitments!

It is never too early to send out invitations, but traditional wedding invitation etiquette recommends that you send them out around four months before the big day, giving even more time for a destination wedding.

wedding invitation2) Omitting vital details

Whether you opt for formal or informal wedding invitation wording, there are still basic details that you should definitely include on your invitations, so be sure to add in the following:

  • Your guests’ names
  • Date and time of your ceremony and reception
  • Names of your wedding venues
  • RSVP deadline
  • RSVP contact details

wedding invitation rsvp3) Not specifying your RSVP date

Getting responses from your guests is vital when it comes to finalizing the number of guests with your suppliers and for the all-important seating plan!

Let your guests know when they need to confirm their attendance by giving them around 3-4 weeks to reply after receiving your wedding invitations. Leave a few weeks margin between your RSVP date and the deadline to confirm your final headcount as you will more than likely have to chase down a few unanswered invitations.

Don’t forget to also add in how you wish them to RSVP, whether that be using the RSVP cards enclosed with your invitations or via your wedding website.

wedding inviation4) Not specifying names on your invites

Avoid a plus one turning up uninvited or one of your guests bringing their children to your adult-only affair by adding names to each invitation. This will make it clear from the offset who is and who isn’t invited to your wedding and will also add a personal touch to each of your invites.

5) Spelling mistakes

You are sure to spend hours searching for and creating the perfect wedding invitations, so don’t let a small spelling mistake take away from your carefully chosen design! You and your partner should triple check all the details on your invitations to avoid any embarrassment. Rest assured that some wedding stationery suppliers, like Atelier Rosemood, proofread your invitations before they go to print.

wedding invitaitons6) Squeezing too much info onto to your invites

As per spelling mistakes, squeezing too much information onto your wedding invitations can take away from the stunning design that you have chosen. If you wish to provide your guests with the finer details, include these on an additional wedding invitation insert. These normally come in matching designs and can be used to include anything from accommodation options to gift list information. A wedding website is another option when it comes to centralizing and sharing all of the extra information that your guests may need.

wedding invitations7) Not ordering enough invitations and envelopes

Ordering a few extra copies of your invitations and envelopes is a great way to play it safe! That way you have invitations on hand for any last-minute additions to your guest list or if you make a mistake when writing out your guests’ names or addresses.

On the other hand, some people fall into the trap of ordering too many invitations. Remember to count one invitation per household and not per person and consider adding five extra copies just in case. Worst case scenario, you have some spare to put in your wedding scrapbook!

wedding invitation8) Forgetting about your wedding budget

Be realistic about your budget when choosing the style of your wedding invitations, and be careful to look out for hidden costs. Lots of factors will affect the price of your wedding invitations including the format, the paper type, the finishing touches, and envelopes.

Invitations you can personalize online are ideal for those who have a limited budget, whilst those willing to splash out on their stationery can go for fully bespoke invitations designed with their wedding in mind!

If your budget will not stretch to matching wedding invitation inserts, consider creating a wedding website to add further information and an online RSVP option.

wedding invitation9) Not adding a stamp to the RSVP envelopes

Whilst not adding a stamp to your RSVP envelopes will help your budget, wedding invitation etiquette dictates that it shouldn’t really be up to your guests to pay for stamps to post your RSVP cards back to you! In reality, if you do not pre-address and stamp these envelopes, your guests are more likely to call or email you their response, meaning you will miss out on the excitement that comes with seeing your RSVP envelopes in the letterbox. dubaixdate escort girls

wedding invitation10) Not sending out all your invites in one go

Putting your pile of invitations into envelopes and addressing each one takes time! If you decide to tackle a few at a time, do not be tempted to put them in the post as you go. It is always best to post all of your invitations out at the same time to avoid anyone thinking that they were an afterthought.

Choosing your wedding invitations should be an exciting experience, so hopefully knowing which mistakes to avoid will make picking the perfect wedding stationery as stress-free as possible. If in doubt, ask the experts! Atelier Rosemood has lots of wedding stationery hints and tips on their website.

Why Choose Atelier Rosemood For Your Invitations?

Atelier Rosemood works with designers from across the world to bring you wedding invitations with a difference. All of their wedding invites can be personalized online and are designed as part of a wider suite with matching products from wedding menus to wedding thank you cards.

Atelier Rosemood treat each and every piece of wedding stationery as if it were their own, proofreading your wording and optimising the layout of your text and the print quality of your photos to make sure that your invitations are absolutely perfect! You can even try out a single copy of your favourite Rosemood invitations before committing to a full order to get a feel for their high-quality paper and envelopes.

All of their wedding stationery is printed in their very own studio in Nantes, France, where they also produce stunning wedding photo albums!

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