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Three Honeymoon Tips for the Social Butterfly

By September 14, 2015 July 18th, 2019 4 Comments

bored honeymoonersWhen imagining the picture perfect honeymoon, most people think of two lovers sharing meals and walks, gazing into each other’s eyes endlessly. Whiling away the days holding hands and the nights entwined as one. But seldom do we imagine what it’s like for those of us who crave action. The eye gazing can only hold our attention for so long, we need to meet OTHER PEOPLE! This post is all about how the social butterfly can make the most of their honeymoon, and we have our top three tips.

Tip #1 Avoid isolated or boutique resorts

Many honeymoon destinations are sought after because they’re small, quiet, or off the beaten path. Those are not your kind of resorts, you extraverts, you! You need big resorts, filled with other honeymooners (and preferably an open bar). That’s where you’ll find other couples who also want to meet new friends and make memories!

All-inclusive resorts, with their huge variety of activities from golf to water sports, make it easy to make new friends. And, because guests are paying for the perks of having food, entertainment and spa services all in one spot, there is little reason to leave the property to have a great time!

Cruising is also the social butterfly’s dream. Cruises offer a wide variety of on board activities and entertainment, and you can be sitting next to someone at each meal or show.

Tip #2 Take a Tour

If you’re not feeling the vibe at your resort or on your cruise, take a land excursion or organized tour. Sightseeing and adventures like hiking, rock climbing or fishing give you the chance to meet people with similar interests.

Tip #3 Belly Up to the Bar

Make sure you hit up the bars and happy hours at your resort or hotel. Many places offer special happy hours or wine tastings in the early evenings. This is a relaxed way to meet people; everyone loosens up after a few cocktails. Ask which excursions people are signed up for, or suggest getting a group together to hit up a local dance club or a restaurant.

A honeymoon is all about creating memories with your partner, but for the social couple, those memories are enhanced by sharing them with others. Who knows, the people you meet might become future travel partners and friends for life!


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