Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. If you’ve run into a creative block when starting your home registry, we recommend thinking about your interests and what you enjoy together as a couple. If you’re into cocktails and hosting get-togethers with your friends, consider using your registry to upgrade your bar. Treat your registry as your opportunity to splurge a little on all the accessories you may have always wanted or to upgrade or replace some of your current items. 

It’s time to get your registry started, and pimp your bar with our Ultimate Bar Registry Checklist!

Barback Basics

If making craft drinks is something you enjoy, you may already own many of these items. But don’t overlook the basics. Think of your registry as an opportunity to double-check that you’ve covered the basics and to upgrade or replace some of the older items you currently have.

Master Mixologist

This is where the magic happens. Now that you know you have the basics, step up your cocktail-making with the extras that can turn you from average home bartender to master mixologist at your next cocktail party. These simple items can take your mixologist experience to a whole new level – and will look pretty cool in your newlywed space. 

Just For Fun

The products above were strictly for crafting delicious drinks. But how about adding some extra fun to your cocktail parties with bar games or other accessories? This is how you truly pimp out your bar.

Earn $100

Now that your Bed Bath & Beyond bar registry is created, all you need to do is share it with your guests! Once they purchase more than $500 in gifts, you’ll automatically get $100 in your MyFunds. You can track your gift total and your awards in your Bed Bath & Beyond account.

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