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When you are chosen as a bride’s maid of honor, it is a time-honored tradition that embodies what true friendship is. However, being deemed the MOH is not just about friendship, it’s about trust, and with that comes obligations that need to be carried out.

Ten Best Tips for Being a Great Maid of Honor

Just put the pressure on right? Here are ten best tips for being the best MOH there is in this wedding planner’s eyes. Grab a glass of wine and a notepad, and I challenge you to start your very own list for this supporting role!

Maid of honor supports the bride

Tip 1: Be there for support.

A no-brainer right? Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and it can be stressful, so lend an ear or a helpful hand when the bride needs it. Don’t be there just in the stressful moments, but in the fun moments too. Help create quiet moments or little getaways just for the two of you that will be something you can cherish for a lifetime to come.

Tip 2: Party time! You’re the planner.

Once engaged you get the honor of throwing the bridal shower/aka the bachelorette party. Include the bridesmaids and moms to help you but this often goes to the MOH as an obligation. Have fun doing these parties and creating lasting moments that you both will laugh over! You 

Tip 3: You’re the official record keeper.

Help her keep a record of the guests who purchased gifts for them so they can send out thank you notes promptly. Make sure that her cards and gifts are organized in a place they know, should they leave right away on a honeymoon.

Tip 4: Get ready to be crafty if need be!

If the bride wants to do some DIY projects, get on board with her in helping to get those done. The last thing you want is a bride who has not accomplished her to do list.

Know the schedule

Tip 5: Know the schedule.

You and the Best Man are in charge of the rest of the wedding party. It is up to you to make sure that you tell them where the rehearsal is, what time, and how long. Make sure they know what is happening and not to forget anything. With that being said, work as a team for your couple to make things go smoothly.

Tip 6: Prepare for inevitable speaking obligations.

To prepare for giving a toast at the reception and other impromptu events, sit down and write a couple of speeches of why the couple is special to you and why they are going to be so together. Make sure to put in some funny moments and some memorable moments. Always make sure to thank them for allowing you to be a part of their journey.

Tip 7: Capture picture perfect moments.

When it is time for her to put on the veil, smooth out her dress, or help with the bustle, be there and be prepared. Those candid moments of you assisting her will lead to amazing memories.

MOH holds bridal train

Tip 8: Remember your role as the dress holder & official bathroom helper.

Yes, you are bestowed with the honor of helping the bride get to the bathroom without getting that dress in any precarious situations. Note to one’s self: These can lead to some hilarious selfies and or photo opportunities.

Tip 9: Hold the Ring!

The time has come, and you are standing next to her listening to the vows and as Maid of Honor you get to be the holder of the ring that will be the symbol of their next step.

Tip 10: Remember that this day is her day.

Smile, be gracious, kind, giving, & adore her.

She has chosen you for a reason, so do not make her regret that decision.

Bride hugs MOH

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