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Your honeymoon is a time to relax, unwind, and spend quality time with your new spouse. The truth is many of us have different ideas of what a honeymoon should be like. Some picture a honeymoon as a time to lay on a beach, soak in the sun, relax, and rest with no plans at all. Others view a honeymoon as a time to go on an adventure, travel the world, sight see and fit in as many activities as possible. So below, we’ve created some steps to figure out which type of honeymoon is right for you and your fiancé. Keep reading to learn more!

Should You Plan Your Itinerary Or Go To A Honeymoon Resort?

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1. Communicate

When you and your fiancé take the time to talk about your honeymoon, express how you both envision the week (or two, or more!). If you are both on opposite spectrums on what you want out of a honeymoon, find a happy medium. Maybe you can start off with a relaxing day at the beach, go on a hike the next day, schedule massages and happy hour the next, and top it off with a ziplining excursion. This gives you a great well-rounded trip that you will both enjoy!

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2. Decide Whether A Resort, Hotel, or Rental Property is Best

How much of your honeymoon would you like to pre-plan vs. decide on the fly? If you as a couple decide to book a hotel or a rental property, just remember that you will be responsible for planning out every meal, activity and mode of transportation. However, if you stay at a resort, they have all of the meal options, activities and transportation on the property for you to choose from when you arrive.

Couple on honeymoon3. Hire an Agent to Help

If you are a couple who does not regularly travel, hiring a travel agent can be a huge asset! Many travel agents who work with resorts offer their services for free and can even give you discounted rates on the resort. Plus, they have been to many of the resorts themselves and know the ins and outs of what to do and what not to do at each one. Their expertise is the best as they can give the best advice from their own experiences. As the expert, they can really help you plan all of the details – from booking the flights to answering passport questions to planning an itinerary for you on your trip.

As you’re planning your honeymoon, remember, it’s a time for you both to enjoy while you are engaged! Think of your trip as a reward for all of the hard work and planning you’ve put into your wedding day. Your honeymoon is your chance to start off your marriage on the right foot and really enjoy each other – whether it’s relaxing, adventuring, or a little bit of both!

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