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Honeymooning in Europe is a growing trend among today’s couples tying the knot. If you’re looking for a fun way to explore the Mediterranean region, look no further than a cruisetour, a cruise that takes you to many different places within the same trip, with Princess Cruises. While on board, a Princess cruise will deliver the epitome of romance  with options such as private dining on your balcony, a relaxing breakfast for two or a romantic sunset dinner, flowers and chocolates delivered to your room, and couples-only massages in Princess’ adults-only retreat area called the Sanctuary

While visiting the different ports, explore the homes of Greek gods, Italian artists and multicultural treasures. As you walk down bustling roads and beaches, cultures and history fill the air. Uncover divine legends at the Acropolis, admire religious relics at Dubrovnik’s Cathedral or climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa and soak up sweeping views of the emerald landscapes. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when taking a Mediterranean cruise for your honeymoon.

Homes on a peninsula overlooking The Mediterranean

Why Cruise the Mediterranean

In places where the culture is as flavorful as the cuisine, the splendor of the Mediterranean speaks for itself. Shore excursions bring you to iconic beaches, landmarks and ancient artifacts. See the yacht-lined shores of Kotor while riding on a tuk tuk, an electric rickshaw. Savor the flavors of “Koum Kouat” liqueur, created from Corfu’s exclusive citrus plant. With its blend of history, art, food, and views, we can see why the Mediterranean is becoming one of the most popular honeymoon destinations among Honeyfund couples.

Captivating Cuisine

With mouthwatering entrees and confections, the Mediterranean invites you to embark on a gourmet tour through iconic cities. Reawaken your taste buds with Italian classics like pastas, pizzas and gelato. Or fill your plate with gyros, keftethes and baklava on a Greek cruise. From sweet Lambruscos to earthy Bordeauxs, fill up your glass with red wine in Italy and white blends and Greece — some of the most flavorful wines around the globe.

Where History Comes to Life

From towers and temples to cities and shorelines, the Mediterranean is sprinkled with remains of civilizations past. Step back in time on a tour through ancient ruins. Imagine life as a gladiator at the Colosseum, explore Greek mythology at the Parthenon and discover the archeological excavations of Pompeii — a lost city and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Artistic Ingenuity Abounds

From the treasures on land to the jewels within museums, the Mediterranean is a true work of art. On an Italian cruise, see portraits from the Renaissance period at the Uffizi Museum in Florence, and admire Michelangelo’s masterpieces at the Vatican Museum in Rome. Or walk in the footsteps of celebrated artists that called these regions home — like Picasso and Dali — and allow their work to spark your creativity.

A Vision of Natural Beauty

Visions of sparkling coasts and crystalline waters welcome you to the Mediterranean. Dip your toes on the black-sand coast of Santorini on a Greek cruise. Head to Salerno to spend the day in Positano relaxing on the white beaches and admiring the pastel houses that decorate the cliffs around you. Or travel to Mykonos and daydream on the city’s long stretch of golden sand and stroll in the sunshine.

Mediterranean Cruise Options

Princess Cruises has three cruisetours available to choose from.

Highlights of Spain Cruisetour will take you to Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Provence, Genoa and Florence. Choose from 13-21 nights starting from Spain and continuing through some of Europe’s most famous ports as you make your way to Italy. Begin in Barcelona where archaic artwork is on display throughout the city. Then saunter through the lavender fields of Provence when you cruise to Marseille. Or visit Il Campo dei Miracoli, also known as “The Field of Miracles,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of Pisa.

Classic Italy Cruisetour will take you to Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Sicily, with longer cruisetours visiting Greece, Turkey, France and beyond. Choose from 13-28 nights through the Aegean Sea and stroll through highlights of Italy and Greece while also visiting hidden gems like Montenegro. Sail along the Amalfi Coast and tour ancient ruins, including Pompeii. Then cruise to Mykonos, where windmills and bright white architecture accent the turquoise sea. Continue indulging in dreamy landscapes in Athens where mythology comes to life.

Best of Greece Cruisetour will have you marveling at world-renowned landmarks on a cruise through the Adriatic Sea. Arrive into Athens early to explore the original Olympic stadium. Then sail to the black-sand beaches of Santorini before feasting your eyes on the culinary creations of Italy. Fill up on pizzas and pastas in Sicily and Naples before cruising into Barcelona.

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