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Honeymooning in an RV?

Celebrating your brand-new marriage and new life by zipping away to some beautiful destination with your sweetheart… well, there’s just nothing quite like that, no matter what subsequent adventures life has in store.

You’ll plan quite a few trips in your life, but none of them will be as special as your honeymoon.  If you crave the unexpected and are excited to discover cool ways to max your travel budget, read on.  This might just be the romantic getaway you never thought of.

Benefits of RV Travel

When you travel in an RV, you’re in total control of your route and itinerary; there’s no risk of facing a flight delay or finding your hotel room’s been downgraded or rebooked. An RV provides you all the liberty of the open road. You can carefully route an exciting trip with multiple stops, and also be spontaneous. Want to stay an extra day in a favorite city? Or take the turn down that interesting-looking back road on a whim? The choice is yours.

We also love the Covid-safety of an RV. You know exactly where you and your new spouse will sleep each night and exactly when the sheets were last laundered. You even have the option to make each others’ favorite meals in your very own kitchen.

And, of course, your RV experience is totally private; you don’t share walls with anybody. That’s one perk newly-wedded couples are sure to appreciate!

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Romantic RV Destinations

When it comes to RV vacation destinations, you’re not limited by flight paths. You can go anywhere you want (make sure you check state mandates and restrictions during Covid-19), stay as long as you feel like, and take your sweet time getting there!

One popular RV trip across America is to take a National Parks RV tour, including stops at several of the most famous and beautiful natural sites in the country. You won’t want to miss classics like the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, or Yosemite… but don’t rule out some of the less-celebrated parks, either! From Florida’s Everglades to Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, there’s awe-inspiring beauty all over our great country.

Or maybe you’ll make a trip from coast to coast, stopping in a variety of great American cities along the way. Cruise across I10, exploring New Orleans, Austin, and San Diego, or get your kicks on Route 66, singing all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles. No matter how you cut it, cross country road trips are some of the best US RV vacations out there — and there are so many routes to choose from.

Creating Your Own RV Adventure, Together

RV trips are some of the most romantic getaways out there. You’re basically traveling in your own private love den — one whose beautiful window view is totally customizable.

But one more thing we totally adore about RV honeymoons as opposed to other types of travel? The fun and collaborative act of choosing vacation routes together.

Sure, you could designate one of you to be the RV vacation planner… but we much prefer the option of hand-crafting the perfect trip together. What’s more romantic than creating your dream getaway with each other, learning about which destinations top your sweetheart’s list and their preferred activities once they get there? Maybe you’re psyched to take on strenuous hiking trails, but your new hubby is a little bit, shall we say, indoorsy; maybe you can’t wait to explore every big city on the map, but bae is more drawn to boondocking in the wild.

Or maybe you’re both on the exact same page, and reveal your list of must-dos only to discover it’s identical to your partners.

Whichever way you slice it, you’re both bound to learn new things about both yourself and your new husband or wife, and to explore and discover new destinations and activities while you’re at it. And in an RV, it’s all under your control, totally customizable to your experience!

I mean, it literally comes with a bed already in there. What better argument could we make? 😉

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